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Diamonds Of the Realm

Play ‘n Go started producing king Arthur-related slots a few years ago. King Arthur is the central figure in Diamonds Of the Realm Online play online. The slot machine looks good graphically; it is a great slot game combined with the classic theme. The standard RTP is 96.23%. You bet with a fixed amount per spin, ranging from 0.10 euro to 100 euro: an appropriate amount for each. You can cash the most during the free-spin round, with the maximum multiplier being 20,000 times your stake. In addition, Diamonds of the Realm Online Play has very high volatility (the extent to which your payouts fluctuate), a gem for the real gamblers.

  • High maximum multiplier: 20,000x your bet
  • Classic theme: includes good details
  • Nice bonus: with free spins
Excellent RTP of 96.23%

above the industry average

Classic theme

and well worked out

Reliable provider

Play 'n Go is a rock-solid player

Nice bonus

includes free spins

High maximum win

20,000 times your stake

Opportunities for decent wins in the regular game

even more fun

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Introduction Diamonds of the Realm slot: a medieval quest for diamonds

Just a time trip to the Middle Ages. King Arthur, who doesn’t know the story? Whether the best man has existed is not sure, but the purport of his existence is very interesting. His wife Guinevere, Camelot Castle, and his sword Excalibur: all known things return to Diamonds of the Realm Play Online. Morgan and Mordred stole the diamonds from King Arthur’s wife. Whether the story is a myth or not, it’s up to you to retrieve the shiny gems and claim as many monies as possible.

Bonuslots has set out a thing or two for you to be fully informed about the slot machine. The operation of the Diamonds of the Realm slot, its reliability, pros and cons, chances of winning, bonus rounds, and more!

Playing Diamonds of the Realm: how does the slot machine work?

Diamonds of the Realm Online play was produced by the company Play ‘n Go. Previously, the slot machine producer has released multiple slots in the same theme; the Diamonds of the Realm slot is the third in chronological order.

With the Lancelot castle in the background, a shadow hangs over the place where King Arthur once ruled. It makes sense, too, because the Morgan and Mordred duo stole the precious diamonds from Arthur Guinevere’s wife. Are you able to have the diamonds return home successfully? Then you win substantial amounts. The maximum multiplier is 20,000 times your bet. You make bets from 0.10 euro up to 100 euro, an appropriate amount for each. Winning is done when you see 3 identical symbols landing on your screen, starting from the left. The standard RTP is 96.23%. But please note: the RTP may vary per casino. For example, the Play ‘n Go slot has multiple RTPs, with the lowest being 84.27%. So pay close attention to which casino which RTP uses.

The Diamonds of the Realm slot has a sky-high variance. Play ‘n Go even classifies the slot with a 10/10, which means that your balance can run out very quickly, but you can also win quite a bit. Bonuslots can’t stress it often enough, but always gamble safely and responsibly!

Diamonds of the Realm Review: Are the symbols as beautiful as natural diamonds?

All of the main characters from the mythical story, whether or not, are just around the corner at Diamonds of the Realm Online. The premium symbols consist of thieves, Mordred and Morgan, Guinevere, and evident King Artur. The great thing about Diamond of the Realm Online is: you can already grab big payouts during the regular game. These great symbols are suitable for between 7.5 and 100 times your bet, so don’t miss out!

The wilds are also worth a lot on this online slot game. Typically, they act as a prefix between the other symbols. But when you see the wild symbols descend 5 times on your screen, you will receive 100 times your bet. That is quite a multiplier, given that it is in the base game. Then, of course, you also have the low flyers, the regular symbols on a deck. They are not worth much, but they are nicely designed on a classic coin.

Is Diamonds of the Realm Reliable?

Diamonds of the Realm was produced by the company Play ‘n Go. The slot machine is the third in the series sequence that the company made about King Arthur. The Swedish company is a significant player in the slot machine industry. By creating slots where high-tech software is included, the company tries to produce slots of the highest quality and reliable quality. Translated back, we also see these aspects at Diamonds of the Realm. Bonuslots has good experiences playing Diamonds of the Realm Online and recommends it in terms of reliability. But please note: RTPs may vary by site, so first, check out the RTP’s value before playing!

Advantages and disadvantages of Diamonds of the Realm

Diamonds of the Realm is set in the distant past. With a neat layout and Celtic background music, you’ll feel yourself in a medieval vibe. The slot machine is in order thematically, and there are opportunities to grab big profits. But, of course, the game has some advantages and disadvantages; Bonuslots has listed them for you.


  • High maximum multiplier: 20,000 times your stake
  • Classic theme
  • Free spin round is exciting
  • Beautiful graphics with a thrilling soundtrack
  • High multipliers in the regular game: up to 100 times your bet
  • 2 bonuses


  • Diamonds of the Realm is not very different from the predecessors
  • You can’t buy a bonus
  • Very high volatility: can be a turn-off for some players.

What can be gained at Diamonds of the Realm Play ‘n Go slot?

All nice and friendly, such a mythical king who has to recover diamonds for his precious wife, but is there also something to win at Diamond of the Realm slot of Play ‘n Go? The RTP is 96.23%, above the industry average, so tasty. But: there are also versions of Diamond of the Realm in circulation with a different RTP, so check this before playing. Do you want a slot that has a fixed RTP? Then try Diamond Mine Megaways, Gorilla Kingdom Online or Happy Riches.

The most fun playing experience is, of course, when you get the accessible spin mode, the ability to cash heavily is also the greatest. The maximum multiplier is 20,000 times your bet, so don’t miss out. Also fun: you can get 100 times your stake in the regular game by receiving 5 wilds. Furthermore, the game is easy to play. You can win by receiving 3 identical symbols, starting from the left side. You make bets from 0.10 euro up to 100 euro. Is it the end of the month, and you still want to play? Legacy of Dead Online uses a minimum deposit of 0.01 euros.

Diamonds of the Realm by Play ‘n Go Online: how does the bonus game work?

Diamonds of the Realm has two bonuses. The first one isn’t fascinating, but it’s fun to grab. You can get a Win Multiplier randomly in the game. You will receive a multiplier of x2, x5, x10, or x100.

The real magic starts with the free spin round. By spinning 3 scatters shaped like a diamond, you activate the free spin. In addition to having made Guinevere happy with her diamonds, you will also be in good condition yourself when you get the 3 shiny stones. You start at the free spin round at level 1, with a multiplier of x2. You will receive additional free spins and higher multipliers by spinning more scatters throughout the free spin round. Here, the maximum payout that can be made is 20,000 times your bet. Are you looking for slots with an even higher maximum payout? Then take a look at the pages of Royal Mint Megaways or Starbust XXXtreme .

Final verdict of Diamonds of the Realm Play ‘n Go

Diamonds of the Realm Online is a great slot to fall straight into the house. The graphics are more than okay. The typical Celtic sounds make you feel poignant. However, the slot machine does not differ to a large extent from its predecessors. It is not distinctive at a very high level, but some minor adjustments have made it a bit better. For example, there are high prices; in terms of design, it has improved significantly, and the volatility has been thrown up a bit. All in all, Bonuslots is more than happy with Diamonds of the Realm!

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FAQ Diamonds Of the Realm

The RTP is 96.23%, so above the average. But please note: the value of the RTP may vary per casino.

Most certainly. The game developer, Play ‘n Go, classified the slot machine with a 10/10.

Diamonds of the Realm is about King Arthur. So it is a medieval theme reflected in all kinds of aspects of the slot machine.

The slot machine has higher maximum payouts, and the layout has been significantly improved. So all in all, it has improved, but not to a great extent.

Yes, when you spin 3 scatters, you will receive free spins. The more diamonds you see landing on your screen, the more free spins and the higher the multiplier will eventually be.

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