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Epic Ape

Epic Ape Online is an online slot game with a unique element: you can win a whopping 100 free spins, something truly special. Additionally, Epic Ape’s free spins are also retrievable. The return to player of the online slot machine is light on the industry average and has a value of 95.96%. You can wager at Epic Ape Online from a minimum of 0.40 euro with a maximum of 40 euro. Furthermore, the online slot has a pretty high variance: the results of your spins will be pretty different from each other. The chance to win the maximum win is highest during the free spins and has a value of 3,125 your stake. Furthermore, the online slot game has a nice tropical theme; you feel one with the nature of man while playing Epic Ape Online and have many ways to win: 4.096.

  • High variance: lots of different outcomes
  • Multiplier: high maximum multiplier
  • Cool theme: the tropics never disappoint
Cool theme

Nice tropical

Fine RTP

Pp the average

Reliable slot game

Playtech is reliable

Lots of free spins

Who doesn't want that

High maximum win

Always nice

Atmospheric slot

With fun audio

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Playing Epic Ape: A Short Intro

During an exciting journey through the jungle, you don’t hope you’ll encounter this maniac: the Epic Ape. Monkeys are normally snugger and strong beasts, but the gorilla that will now pass by on your screen surpasses the regular monkey on all fronts: big, strong, and worth a lot!

The tropics and the exotic animals and lush plants that come with it are often a common theme. And we do understand why. While playing such a slot machine, you will be in a pleasant, adventurous, and exciting atmosphere. They are almost always slots with a good atmosphere. In addition to Atmosphere, Epic Ape Online has more in store for you. Keep reading this blog to learn more about its operation, symbols, reliability, pros and cons, bonus, and of course, we conclude with our specialist final judgment.

How does the Epic Ape slot work?

Tropical-themed slots, they can’t play at Bonuslots. Instead, lots of exotic animals, exciting jungle music, and a misty background create an adventurous and exciting mood. All this is capped with putting the jungle king at the center: the gorilla. Do you think this is a great beast and even more fun when online slots are made out of this? Then check out Gorilla Kingdom of Gorilla Gold Megaways.

At Epic Ape Online, you bet with a fixed amount per spin. Although this works with credits, the minimum of Epic Ape is 0.01 euro per credit, which is 0.40 euro. The maximum is 1 euro per credit, according to 40 euro per spin. With 6 reels and 4 symbols per reel, this yields 4,096 pay lines. So a slight disadvantage is the relatively high minimum bet. Epic Ape Online also has an RTP below average, namely 95.96%.

Epic Ape Online has a pretty high variance, so the outcomes of your spins can differ considerably from each other. This makes it wise to gamble safely and responsibly at all times. Epic Ape online is a slot that can be played everywhere, on your phone, on a laptop, desktop, and of course.

Epic Ape Online symbols

A slot machine with a distinctly tropical appearance also includes such symbols. The symbols representing a low value are the 9 through ace, like on a regular set of cards. These are worth between 10 and 140 credits. The frog and chameleon have a maximum value of 150. The upper segment is formed by the panther and leopard worth up to 250 your bet. The gorilla is worth 300x with 6 pieces. So, all in all, Playtech has reasonably kept the order of the strongest in the jungle, although it can be disputed whether the gorilla would defeat the panther, but that aside. Furthermore, Epic Ape’s shiny diamond online is the wild card, which can serve as an insert between two identical symbols.

Epic Ape review: How reliable is the online slot machine?

Epic Ape is a Playtech product. Playtech is a notable company that is the largest in the gaming industry. They prefer quality over quantity, which you see in Epic Ape Online. Although the company has qualified for more than 600 games, it never deteriorates in terms of quality. They also consider the privacy policy fundamental and handle their customers’ data well. So we can determine that Playtech, and therefore Epic Ape, are reliable. In addition, Bonuslots has good experiences with online slot machines.

The pros and cons of Epic Ape

Epic Ape is an epic slot game anyway. You can win a lot of free spins, the variance is excellent, and the maximum multiplier is not wrong either. The atmosphere of Epic Ape Online is also good: adventurous audio and beautiful graphics make you believe that you are in the tropics yourself. Are you curious about the criteria for a good slot machine? Then check out our article: what makes an online slot a good slot.


  • Lots of free spins and exciting bonus
  • High maximum win
  • An atmospheric slot game with fun audio


  • Betting pass from a high amount
  • It may be too volatile

Epic Ape Winning Odds

Of course, you should also be able to win something on an online slot machine. The theoretical payout rate of Epic Ape Online is 95.96%. The industry’s average is 96%, so we can determine that Epic Ape’s RTP is fine. Would you rather have a slot machine with a higher RTP? Then check our reviews about Happy Riches, Rich Wilde, and the Shield of Athena or Giant’s Fortune Megaways.

You bet with a fixed amount per spin at Epic Ape Online, which runs from 0.40 euro to 40 euros. So the minimum is quite high, and due to the high variance, it may be that all your balance has gone through it, or of course, you have received the top prize. So our advice is: always gamble safely and responsibly.

The maximum multiplier is quite high for a high-variance slot machine. So, with a value of 3,125, you’re right at Epic Ape Online. The chances of winning such multipliers are highest during the free spin round. You can play Epic Ape on all devices: laptop, desktop, and just on your phone.

How does Epic Ape Bonus work?

Often you can see in online slots that there can only be scattered symbols on a few reels. This is not the case with Epic Ape online. The minimum is 3 bonus symbols, with which you can get 8 free spins. So you can spin as many as 6 scatters, winning a whopping 100 free spins. But it doesn’t stop here. When you play the Epic Ape Online bonus 2 scatters, you get 5 extra free spins. When you spin 6 scatters again, you get 100 free spins again. So, in theory, you can continue indefinitely.

In addition to a high degree of quantity, you also have a lot of quality at Epic Ape Online. The Wild multipliers can have a value of up to 5x and occur on the last 5 reels. The maximum multiplier is 3,125, which is decent. All in all, you can grab incredibly thick wins during Epic Ape’s bonus but can also be faded off with a few times your stake due to the high variance.

What does Bonuslots think about Epic Ape?

We’re absolutely a fan of the online slot game! The atmosphere is expressed in the tropical symbols mystical background, and this is all capped by exciting audio. The only drawback is the high minimum bet, accompanied by reasonably high variance. But this is entirely over classed by the high wins that are already taking place in the base game. In addition, theoretically, you can win infinitely free spins, and with high multipliers on the wilds, you can boost your cash balance considerably. So, all in all, Epic Ape Online scores big enough!

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FAQ Epic Ape

In total, there are 6 reels with 4 symbols per reel. This results in quite a few pay lines of 4,096.

Pretty. In combination with a high minimum inlay, this can therefore be dangerous. But, on the other hand, you can also grab decent profits quickly in a row.

Epic Ape stands out everywhere. At home on your laptop or desktop, or when you’re on the go, also on your phone.

Yes, there can be scattered symbols on each reel. You start with 8 free spins with 3 symbols, and 6 scatters will receive 100 symbols. These are also retrievable, so you can theoretically receive infinite free spins.

The tropics. The animal symbols and bushy background feature it.

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