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Explodiac Online is a slot machine in a more fun way. Whoever enjoyed throwing a few nickels in a slot machine while you’re waiting at the local Chinese will undoubtedly like Explodiac Online too. Explodiac Online has a return to player of 96.12%, which is precisely the industry average. You make bets with the online slot with a fixed amount per spin, which runs from 0.10 euro to 30 euro. The maximum multiplier that the online slot machine owns has a value of 1,000x. So the maximum profit you can obtain from the online slot machine is 30,000 euros. The classic online slot machine has a medium variance: your results will not differ very much. Furthermore, Explodiac Online, unfortunately, does not have a bonus game, but the slot has two fun features.

  • Decide your bet yourself: and a wide range
  • Medium variance: you know where you stand 
  • Easy to play: no tricky bells and whistles
Classic Slot Machine

Always Fun to Play

Good RTP

96.12 is even slightly above average

Easy gameplay

suitable for every gambler

High entertainment value

Explosive is nice to play

Reliable provider

Gamomat is reliable

Gamble feature

choose for yourself whether you keep your bet or want to double

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Explodiac introduction

You know it. You’re waiting for your order at the local Chinese or standing in the pub with a golden yellow wrecker, and you want to spend time in a somewhat exciting way. Fortunately, there is often a slot machine in the corner of the roomy in such cases. Even happier for you, there is now an online version of such a slot machine: Explodiac Online. The online slot machine is a typical slot machine: simple, easy to play, no bonus, but a fun playing experience. Bonuslots has figured out a thing or two for you so that you are fully informed about Explodiac Online: the operation, the chances of winning, the pros and cons, and of course, we close this blog with our specialist end review.

How does Explodiac Slot Work?

Explodiac Online is a typical slot machine: in the middle of a 5-reel playing field with 3 symbols, you must obtain winning combinations to raise your cash balance. You get a winning combination by seeing at least 3 identical symbols descend on your screen. Do you generally like slot machines?

You make bets at Explodiac Online with a fixed amount per spin. You can bet on paylines at the online slot machine, where you can choose from 10 or 20 fixed paylines. Of course, you prefer to play with 20 pay lines. It would be a shame if you have a winning combination but didn’t bet on this. You can bet a total of between 0.10 euro and 30 euro at the online slot machine.

Explodiac Online has a medium variance: the results of your bets will not differ very much. Furthermore, the online slot machine has a return to player of 96.12%, just a bit above the industry average. Would you like to have a little more information about terms such as variance and RTP? 

The symbols of Explodiac

A slot machine comes with natural fruit and lucky number 7, and we only miss the classic stars at Explodiac Online. The lemon, orange, and peach are 250 points with 3 symbols, 500 points for 4 symbols, and 2,500 points for 5 symbols. The grape is worth 500 points for 3 symbols, 4 symbols, 1,250 points, and 5 symbols worth 5,000 points. The watermelon is worth 500, 2,500, and 12,500 points, respectively, with 3, 4, and 5 identical symbols. Of course, the lucky number 7 is the most lucrative symbol, with 500, 2,500, and 50,000 points. So 5 red sevens will earn 100 times your stake.

The features of Explodiac 

Explodiac Online does not have a bonus game, but it does have two fun features. First of all, you have the Explodiac Feature. This is the most profitable of the entire slot machine. You will receive a bomb at random times. As bombs can do so well, they then explode and turn wild. Here, all symbols next to it are also changed into a wild. So when the bomb falls in the middle, the bomb around it makes all wilds so that you can get enormous profits.

The other feature is the Gamble Feature. Just like most offline slots, you can gamble after a winning combination. The outcomes are double-sided: either you double your bet, or your chance will be wiped out with one stone. You can gamble by guessing the color of a card. You can also take the slightly less risky step and use the gamble ladder: it has fewer risks, but the steps in profit will also be lower.

Explodiac review

Explodiac Online is a product of Gamotomat. This German manufacturer of online slots is a company that is relatively new to the gambling industry. Gamotomat has become known relatively quickly by producing slots based on two elements. The company combines classic elements that always work on an online slot machine and new innovative aspects. Both aspects can be seen in Explodiac Online. Above all, the online slot machine has high quality and is reliable. When you think about reliability, you might also think of privacy policy. Many casinos have an emphatic focus on this.

What are the pros and cons of Explodiac?

There are, of course, advantages and disadvantages to each slot machine. One has a bit more than the other, but they almost always stick to it. Bonuslots can determine that Explodiac is an online slot that is not for everyone because it can be monotonous. However, for novice players, this is an excellent slot game. The downside is that there is no bonus present.


  • Easy to play
  • The enormous scope of bet
  • User friendly
  • Explodiac feature is a lot of fun


  • Monotonous sits slight variation in
  • No jackpot
  • No bonus game

What are the chances of winning Explodiac Online

The return to player, or the percentage that goes back to the player on average, is 96,12% at Explodiac Online. So it means that out of 100 times you play, you get an average of 96.12 times in return. In addition, 96.12% is just above average and is therefore acceptable. Would you rather have an online slot with a higher RPT? Then try Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Megaways, Kingmaker Megaways, or Royal Mint Megaways.

Unfortunately, there is no bonus game at Explodiac Online, but you can get great wins in the base game. You will be able to cash the most when the bomb, the Explodiac, gets in the middle of your playing field. When it acts as a wild and valuable symbol are next to it, you can see your bet multiplied by 1000x.

You make bets at Explodiac Online with a fixed amount per spin. You can bet on 10 or 20 paylines in total. Your minimum bet is 0.10 euro, and the maximum deposit is 30 euro, so there is a suitable deposit for each. Would you like some more information about where to gamble?

What does Bonuslots think about Explodiac?

What can you expect from a slot machine in its entirety? There are no bonus games, crazy bells and whistles, and superb graphic designs in almost all cases. Nevertheless, Explodiac Online is a favorite among many gamblers. That’s probably due to the easy gameplay, reliability, and great RTP. All these factors lead to an online slot machine with excellent entertainment value. Bonuslots is pretty convinced!

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FAQ Explodiac

The RTP has a value of 96.12%. This means that it has a higher value than the offline variant and is just a bit higher than the industry average.

You bet with a fixed amount per spin, which runs from 0.10 euro to 30 euro. So there is an appropriate amount for everyone to bet.

No, unfortunately, there is no bonus game. However, there are two fun features: the Explodiac Feature and the Gamble feature.

In total, there are 5 reels, with 3 symbols per reel. There are a total of 10 paylines.

With a screen full of sevens, you can reclaim up to 1,000 times your stake. With a maximum deposit of 30 euro, this amounts to 30,000 euros.


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