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Extra Chilli Megaways

Extra Chilli Megaways Online is again the proof that slot provider Big Time Gaming is one of the best online slots. Starting Extra Chilli Megaways gives you the feeling of walking through a Mexican city. The fine mood music, the whistling birds, and the Spanish-speaking cries provide a unique gaming experience, but Big Time Gaming takes a step on top with a return to player of 96.19% and 117,649 ways to get money in. In addition, the high variance makes for enormously unpredictable wins, but once you fall into the prizes, you can win up to 20,000x your stake!

  • Spicy theme with Mexican features
  • Very unpredictable due to high variance
  • High possible gains
High Variance

Unpredictable Turns

Lots of Winning Opportunities

117,649 Ways to Win

Mexican Theme

Spicy Symbols

Unlimited Multiplier

See Your Winnings Grow!

Trusted Provider

Big Time Gaming Again Delivers

Wide Bet Level

€0.20 to €40.00

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Peppered Wins at Extra Chilli Megaways

Anyone Who Loves Bonanza Megaways, attention: Extra Chilli Megaways is the spicy brother of this unprecedented popular slot, also known as Bonanza 2. This fast-paced Mexican-themed variant has the same ways to win and pays the same amount in winnings. Payout works according to the Megaways principle, where combinations of symbols are counted from left to right. So how exactly does this system work, and what is there to gain at Extra Chilli Megaways? You can read it all in this article.

How Does Extra Chilli Work?

As mentioned, Extra Chilli doesn’t work with standard pay lines but with ways to win that differ each spin. So, in total, there are 117,649 ways to win due to the 6 reels that can hold up to 7 symbols. Under the standard playing field, an additional reel of 4 symbols wide can also be seen, which counts towards the winning symbol combinations. The more symbols per reel, the more likely your spin will be to win. Each winning combination causes the symbols to disappear and give way to new ones. The turn starts with placing your bet between €0.20 and €40.00. Winnings appear from the collection of 3 identical symbols and grow as the number rises. In addition, if you manage to play 3 or more of the letters H, O, or T together, you will receive a minimum of 8 free spins in the free spins mode. We’ll go deeper into this mode and all the unique aspects later, but first, we’ll highlight the hot symbols of Extra Chilli Megaways.

Spicy symbols and fiery wins

Extra Chilli Megaways has different types of symbols including peppers and card symbols. Below you will find a brief explanation of these symbols, and how much your bet is multiplied by 3, 4, 5 or 6 symbols:

  • 9 – 0.1, 0.2, 0.4 or 0.8
  • 10 – 0.15, 0.25, 0.5 or 0.9
  • J – 0.15, 0.25, 0.6 or 1.0
  • Q – 0.2, 0.25, 0.6 or 1.0
  • K – 0.2, 0.4, 0.6 or 1.75
  • A – 0.2, 0.4, 0.6 or 1.75
  • Green pepper – 0.25, 0.5, 0.75 or 2.0 Blue pepper – 0.25, 1.0, 1.5 or 2.0
  • Red pepper – 0.25, 1.0, 1.5 or 2.0
  • Red pepper – 1.0, 2.0, 2.5 or 7.5

Purple Pepper – 2.0, 5.0, 10.0, 25.0 or 50.0 (paid as little as 2 symbols) BTG logo – Takes your bet 1x away from the Feature Drop Prize

In addition to these regular symbols, it is possible to get a wild, portrayed in this game as a pot of flares, and the 3 scatters to spin, recognized by the letters H, O, and T. The wild replaces, as usual, any symbol (with the exception of scatters). In free spins mode, a pan of peppers may even appear in the bottom reel.

Is Extra Chilli Megaways Reliable?

Although a high variance can occasionally be very interesting, it can also make you feel a lot in the pouch at times. Therefore, this may not be the optimal game for the novice gambler or those of us who prefer to play a somewhat less stressful slot. In that case, maybe take a look at Starburst Online

Advantages and Disadvantages of Extra Chilli Megaways

Since Extra Chilli Megaways is so similar to its predecessor, Bonanza Megaways, the pros and cons are virtually identical. On the other hand, Big Time Gaming has listened to the criticism of this classic slot and implemented it in its successor. We’ll put them together for you:


  • Again a very striking theme
  • Exciting bonus round with a chance of big wins
  • Possibility to buy the bonus round
  • Bet level has been increased compared to Bonanza


  • High variance can lead to a long time without winning

Playing with fire can make big wins

You may have noticed already, but we are fans of Extra Chilli Megaways, and of course, that’s not just like that! If you are looking for a slot that doesn’t pay out very often but with which you occasionally have a chance to win huge profits, this is a perfect candidate. We’ve listed all the key figures below for you:

  • Return to player of 96,19%
  • 117,649 Megaways or ways to win
  • Unlimited multipliers in free spins mode

Mega Win Multipliers during Free Spins mode

So you end up in the bonus game after collecting 3 or more scatters (H, O, or T). In the case of Extra Chilli Megaways, you will find the bonus game in the form of the free spins mode. This mode offers an infinite win multiplier that starts at once your stake and rises 1 with each winning combination, which can increase to a massive multiplier.

Gamble possibility

Before the free spins start, you get the option to bet with your spins won. You start with 8 free spins, which you can increase to 12 or lose all by giving a pendulum to the wheel. If you know how to raise them, you can play for 16 spins, 20 spins, and ultimately 24 spins. The risk here is that you can lose all your free spins as soon as you spin the wheel more often, but the possible reward is high.

Feature Drop

Since the free spins mode is most profitable due to the unlimited win multipliers, it is attractive for some to jump directly to this part of the game. Big Time Gaming has therefore implemented a feature that allows you to buy your spot in the ‘free’ spins mode. Proportional to your stake, you pay a certain amount to go straight to the wheel of fortune, rather than hoping for free spins during the regular game. If you see the BTG logo appear on the playing field, the Feature Buy price will be reduced by 1x your bet. Unfortunately, using this feature is not always possible due to legislation on gambling addiction.

Where and when do you want to play?

The years of experience of game provider Big Time Gaming is noticeable by the quality of their slots and the details. Many BTG slots can be played on almost all platforms, and so is Extra Chilli Megaways. So not only are you bound to play on a computer or laptop, but you can also play the spicy slot on your phone or tablet. In addition, Big Time Gaming slots are hugely accessible: play anywhere and any way you want.

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Our Verdict on Extra Chilli Megaways

You won’t be surprised, but the mega success of Bonanza Megaways has been effortlessly extended to this slot. All plus points of the slot are taken away to the successor, and all weaknesses are improved, creating a great game. 

FAQ Extra Chilli Megaways

Extra Chilli Megaways offers a total possible win of 20,000 times your stake. In addition, you’ll see the most significant win multipliers during the free spins mode.

The return to player with this slot is 96.19%.

You can win in up to 117,649 ways while playing, and these ways vary per turn.

Extra Chilli Megaways has a high variance, which means that the spins vary enormously. So the lock is very unpredictable.

By collecting 3 scatters (the H, O, or T) during a turn, you will receive 8 free spins. For 3 or more scatters, another 4 free spins will be added. The Gamble option also allows you to take a gamble and double or lose your free spins.

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