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Frogs Gift

Frogs Gift Online is a slot that looks lovely at first glance, but make no mistake: due to the high variance and the hefty profits that can be made, this slot can be pretty erratic. Frogs Gift Online has a pretty high return to player of 96.76%. You bet at the online slot with a fixed amount per spin, which runs from 0.20 euro to 500 euros, so there are also amounts to bet for the big players. In total, you have 4 jackpots, some fun features, and of course, exciting free spins. And Playtech has unpacked: the maximum multiplier is 9,000 times your stake. And with the pretty high maximum inlay, you can count on what you can grab.

  • High max win
  • Many features and jackpots
  • Nice graphics
Frogs gift

A pretty fun feature

High maximum win

Always fun

High variance

Every spin is different

Beautiful graphics

Worked out in detail

Reliable slot

Playtech is reliable


For more and more wins

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Frogs Gift Play: an introduction

Frogs are not animals that many people will get warm feelings with. Slippery, jumpy beasts that appear undesirably in your garden, unpleasant for many people. Still, you hope that the best animal will descend a lot on your screen. You can, the name says it all, win a lot at Frogs Gift Online by the frog.

Frogs Gift Online is a Playtech product. The company distinguishes itself by producing so-called branded slots. Frogs Gift did this very well, the graphic details stand out, and in combination with excellent audio, it is an atmospheric slot machine. We have written an extensive review for you to learn everything about Frogs Gift Online. We can tell you in advance: we are pretty optimistic about the online slot game.

How does Frogs Gift Slot work?

Playtech is known for its slots that have high-quality graphics details. And absolutely, this has also been done at Frogs Gift Online. In particular, this slot machine has been worked out: beautiful animals, a detailed background, and cool symbols. Do you like animal-themed slots? Then check out our reviews about Mega Moolah, Wolf Gold, or if you want to stay in the frog vibe, Blazin Bullfrog.

Frogs Gift Online has a great RTP: 96.76%. The average of slots, in general, is 96%, so this is seen as an advantage. Furthermore, the online slot machine has pretty high variance: the outcome of one spin will be very different from the other spin. Furthermore, you will be mustache at Frogs Gift with the maximum multiplier: 9,000 times your bet is not wrong.

The online slot includes 5 reels, with 3 symbols per reel, 20 paylines. You bet at Frogs Gift per pay line. The minimum amount is 0.01 euro per pay line, so you will be 0.20 euro per spin. The maximum amount is 500 euro. If you win big amounts, there is a chance that you will have to pay gambling tax.

The symbols of Frogs Gift slot in a nutshell

The playing cards form the lower segment of Frogs Gift Online. The J through A accounts for at least 5x your stake and a maximum of 50x your bet. Next comes many animals: the anteater and the dragonfly account for a value of up to 300 times your stake. Finally, the parrots and monkeys are up to 400x your bet, and the leopard accounts for 500x your bet at 5 pieces. In addition to the fact that all animals are nicely designed, they are also worth a lot. Furthermore, the red medallion is the scattered symbol, so the free spins are activated.

The Frogs Gift feature

The Frogs Gift feature is an important part of the online slot machine. Beautifully designed piranhas can come on the first and last reel. If you run 4 piranhas, activate the Frogs Gift feature. You have 1 respin per symbol. In the middle 3 reels, you have a frog that sits on a flower, then random stones around it are linked to a value. You either have a price or an empty brick, which then costs a respin. The prizes that are then placed on the stones are worth 1 to 50x your stake, or one of the two jackpots worth 20x or 100x. When you have 2 stones left, the frog jumps on one of these two; if it lands on the other frog, you can spin on the Mega Reel. Here you can cash. The jackpots are worth 20x, 100x, 500x, or 2000x your bet. So Playtech has worked out fun with this Frogs Gift feature.

Frogs Gift Review: The Reliability

Frogs Gift is a product of the Playtech company. They have been in the industry for quite a long time. They have been the market leader for a long time. By combining high-quality slots, including fancy graphics, cool themes, and high multipliers, the company is constantly able to stand out from their competitors. Over the years, Playtech has also built a reliable name and has won multiple certificates and awards. Translated back, we see this at Frogs Gift Online. It is a high-quality and reliable quality slot machine.

What are the pros and cons of Frogs Gift?

Frogs Gift has, in addition to high wins in the base game and the bonus game, also big wins with the Frogs Gifts feature. But what the slot machine excels in above all is the graphic details. The symbols, especially the animals, are beautifully designed, and the background also looks great.


  • Fun features and free spins
  • High wins in the base game
  • Nice graphics details
  • Fine gameplay


  • No drawbacks to detect!

The chances of winning Frogs Gift

Frogs Gift Online has a return to player of 96.76%. The average in the industry is 96%, so we can conclude that it is mustache with this online slot machine. Would you rather have a slot with an even higher RTP? Then take a look at the reviews about Gorilla Kingdom of Forgotten Island Megaways.

You make bets with the online slot with a fixed amount per spin, with a minimum of 0.20 euro and a maximum of 500 euros, so a suitable amount for everyone. However, frogs Gift Online is also quite volatile, so the results of your spins will vary greatly from each other. Our advice is to always gamble safely and responsibly.

You are also good with the profits at Frogs Gift Online. Fat wins can already be obtained in the base game, and there are also two bonus features. The highest multiplier to be achieved in the game is 9,000 times your stake. In addition, with the jackpots, you have a maximum of 2,000 times your stake. You won’t hear us complain.

Frogs Gift final verdict

We have to tell you; we are quite a fan of Frogs Gift Online. The slot looks pretty graphically, so the gameplay automatically gets a bit nicer. Plus, you have big winnings in the basic and bonus game. But Frogs Gift Online is particularly distinctive for its feature included in the name. The tension is to be cut during this round. In addition, you will undoubtedly also get a lot of fun from the free spin round. All in all, we give this slot a thick 8.5.

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FAQ Frogs Gift

Frogs Gift Online’s RTP is 96.76%. The average in the industry is 96%, so it is a good percentage.

You make bets with a minimum of 0.20 euro and a maximum of 500 euro. So for the big player, there are outstanding amounts to bet.

On your laptop, desktop, and if you’re a bit more mobile, even on your phone.

Yes, the slot machine was made by a well-known producer and is reliable.

In total, relatively standard, you have 5 reels with 3 symbols per reel. This results in 50 paylines.


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