Euro maximum bet
Times your stake: maximum multiplier

Gemix 2

Gemix 2 Online is a slot game in all kinds of different worlds. You can try your luck by running on an online slot with a fantasy-like and idyllic theme. You bet at Gemix 2 Online with a fixed amount per spin of 0.10 euro to 100 euro. All kinds of different features make the game fun and appealing. The maximum multiplier of Gemix 2 Online is 7,500 times your stake. The standard return to player, which can vary per casino, is 96.26%. The layout of Gemix 2 Online may look cute and lovely, but the online slot game has a sky-high variance in store for you.

  • Multiple layouts
  • Successor to the classic Gemix 1
  • Large stake reach
Multiple worlds

for the optimal gaming experience

Excellent standard RTP

96.26% is above average

An online slot machine from one of the best producers

Play 'n Go rarely disappoints

Many features

for fun

Good maximum multiplier

7,500 times your bet is not wrong

Towering variance

every spin is different

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An introduction to Gemix 2

Gemix 2 is, obviously, the successor to Gemix 1. The well-known producer Play ‘n Go had to and would produce a solid successor to Gemix 1, because this slot was /is impossibly famous among many players. Unfortunately, play’ n Go has undergone immense damage with a successor creation of Reactoonz. Players were not waiting for a new version of it at all, so that the company has also been criticized. Would such a blamage also be the case with Gemix 2? Bonuslots has figured it out for you! Read our article to know all the ins and outs about Gemix 2 Online.

Gemix 2 slot: how does the online slot machine work?

Gemix 2 slot is a slot machine located in all kinds of fantasy-like worlds. Every so often, you are moved into a new world, which all look great graphically. High in the sky on a bed of clouds, deep in the sea, in a wooded surface, or a fairytale cottage, you can try your luck. It can be seen that the game developers in the audiovisual field have surpassed the predecessor of Gemix 2 Online.

You bet with a fixed amount per spin, which runs from 0.10 euro to 100 euro. The online slot machine has a pretty high variance, which means that the results can fluctuate considerably. There is a maximum multiplier of 7,500 times your bet, so don’t miss out. You are most likely to receive such a multiplier with one of the many features of Gemix 2 Online. The standard RTP has a value of 96.26%. But note: with Play ‘n Go slots, casinos can often set up an RTP themselves. So take a good look at which RTP has the slot machine in question! Are you curious to learn more about gambling? 

Gemix 2 has a playing field of 7 by 7. There are no distinct pay lines; you can win by gaining clusters. As with Reactoonz, you need to get a cluster of at least 5 symbols. The more symbols, the bigger the cluster, and the bigger your payout will be.

What are the differences between Gemix 2 and Gemix 1?

Gemix 1 was incredibly popular among a fair number of gamblers. That’s why Play ‘n Go has decided to release a sequel. There are several differences between them, but these are not significantly large. First of all, the maximum payout has been substantially increased, from 4,500 times your stake to 7,500 at Gemix 2 Online. On the other hand, the RTP has plummeted from 96.75% to 96.26%.

Furthermore, the visual aspects have also improved; the successor to Gemix 1 is more detailed and beautiful. What Play ‘n Go has done very well is that the company hasn’t changed the signature, original and catchy soundtrack. Overall, Gemix 2 Online is an improvement of its predecessor, just to a certain height. 

Gemix 2 Review: How Reliable Is the Online Slot Machine?

Gemix 2 Online was produced by the game developer Play ‘n Go. Every fanatical player will be familiar with this producer. Play ‘n Go is an oldie in the field of creating slots. Over the years, the company has developed quite a bit and wants to become the best in online slots. Reliability is therefore of paramount importance to the company. This is reflected in the online slot machine Gemix 2. Bonuslots speaks about the reliability of Gemix 2 Online, and has good experiences with it.

Playing Gemix 2: What Are the Pros and Cons?

Gemix 2 Online. Clusters, beautifully detailed backgrounds, a catchy soundtrack, and you can gamble in multiple worlds. In addition, the slot machine has a great RTP and high variance. Clusters can also obtain winning combinations, unlike the standard pay lines. A little bit different is also fun, right?


  • Cluster combinations for winning combinations
  • Beautiful and detailed graphics
  • Many features


  • No free spins
  • RTP may vary by casino

What are your chances of winning at Gemix 2?

The chances of winning at Gemix 2 Online are fine. With an RTP of 96.26%, you’re above average. Please note: casinos can set a different RTP. Would you rather have a lock with a higher and fixed RTP? Then try Booty Bay Online, Gorilla Gold Megaways, or Royal Mint Megaways.

You bet with a fixed amount per spin, from 0.10 euro to 100 euro. You will get a winning combination when you have a cluster with more than five identical symbols. The stars are the most lucrative: at 15 stars; you will see your bet multiplied by 200 times your stake. When you end up in new worlds, you will receive all kinds of new wilds. When you play the World Pattern complete, you’ll find yourself in a new world by gaining winning combinations. Each world has its own specific game. Mega, random, and sticky wilds ensure that the Crystal Charge meter is filled. More later…

Furthermore, Gemix 2 has a reasonably high variance, so your results can vary greatly. For example, you can win fat prizes in a short period, or, a little less fortunate, your balance can be very volatile. So make sure you always gamble wisely and responsibly!

Gemix 2 Online Gemix 2 Online bonuses are slightly different from other slots because there are no free spins. However, there are plenty of other features that can give you great prices. It’s a shame that there are no free spins. However, the exciting Crystal Charge meter completely over classed this ‘unfortunate feeling.’ Do you want a slot that does have a free spin feature? Then try Cabin Crashers or Nero’s Fortune.

The Crystal Charge meter works as follows. When you have 25 winning symbols, activate the Crystal Charge meter. Then, a random one of the 4 boosts is triggered. The Nova Blast causes symbols to explode and replace new symbols for them. With the Crystal Warp, 1 symbol is placed in several positions in the playing field. The Light Beam is a laser that creates clusters of the same symbols. Finally, the strongest booster, Chain Lightning, ensures that new symbols are placed in the playing field via a diagonal line. We have to admit: Play ‘n Go has been creative with the names!

When you have 50 winning symbols, you activate the Super Charge. You will receive a multiplier of x your bet on all prizes anyway; all 4 boosters will be activated one after another. When you win this feature again, you can win your bet on all winning combinations with a progressive multiplier of up to 20x.

There are also guards. One of the 4 guards can play randomly on your screen, delivering a unique wild symbol. For example, the miner adds up to 10 wilds to your screen, the wizard provides 5 sticky wilds, the princess adds wilds all over the playing field, and the dashing hero delivers 2 Mega Wilds.

Gemix 2 final verdict

The moment you’ve been waiting for: the specialist and objective final verdict of Bonuslots. Play ‘n Go delivered a great slot with Gemix 2. Although the online slot machine is not very different from its predecessor, a fine slot machine has been produced. 

Great graphics, exciting audio, lots of fun features and an exciting Crystal Charge meter. All in all, we are sure to be convinced!

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FAQ Gemix 2

The theme is fantasy. This can be seen in the backgrounds and other aspects of one of the 4 worlds you’ll encounter when playing the online slot machine.


Unlike other slot machines, Gemix 2 has no typical pay lines. Instead, you can win by obtaining a cluster with at least 5 identical symbols: the more symbols, the bigger your winnings.


Unfortunately, yes. The high variance means that your results can fluctuate considerably.

No, unfortunately not. However, an exciting Crystal Charge meter can give you a considerable amount of ducting.

Please note: this may vary per casino. So check which RTP the casino uses before you play.

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