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Gold Slam

Gold Slam Online is an online slot game that is distinctive from the rest. It’s a slot machine with a few nice perks. In addition to excellent graphics storage, Gold Slam Online has a relatively high maximum multiplier for a slot machine. You can win a maximum of 53,000 euros, which is a pretty high win for a slot machine. Gold Slam Online was produced by the Dutch company Stakelogic and has been in the game for a long time. You bet at Gold Slam Online with a fixed amount per spin, which runs from 0.20 euro to 50 euro. In total, the online slot has 9 pay lines and has an RTP that is just a bit above the online average, 96.15%. Gold Slam Online also has a medium variance, so your results will not be very much different.

  • Classic Slot Machine
  • High Maximum Win
  • Many Betting Options
Good RTP

above average

Medium variance

know where you stand

Fun gameplay

and also easy

Game experience

fun game

Bet for everyone

bets from 0.20 euro up to 50 euro

Gamble feature

to make it even more exciting

Gold Slam Play

Gold Slam Online is produced by the Dutch company Stakelogic; the company was named Sherrif Gaming at the time. So we can determine that it is not a new lock. Buttt: Stakelogic initially started producing slot machines. It also switched to casino slots a few years ago because the quality associated with the slot machines was always of a high level.

Slot Machine, they never really get bored. If you’re in a pub with a beer in your hand or you’re waiting for your order at the local snack bar, you’ll always get a pleasant feeling when there’s a vending machine in the corner of the room. It’s always an excellent time to throw those few loose coins in your pocket in such a vending machine for a moment and hope that something fun comes out. Bonuslots is, therefore, very happy that Stakelogic has made an online version of it. After all, you don’t have to go to the pub or local snack bar, but you can spend your time at home on the couch.

How Does the Gold Slam Slot Work?

Gold Slam is a typical slot machine. A fixed number of pay lines, fruity symbols, easy gameplay, and, of course, a fun playing experience. Do you like slot machines? Then check out our specialist reviews about Simply Wild, Reel Rush, Random Runner, or Twin Spin.

Gold Slam Online has straightforward gameplay. The goal is, of course, to claim as many monies as possible by obtaining as many winning combinations as possible. You do this by getting 3 (or more, of course) identical symbols on your screen. The nice thing about Gold Slam Online is that instead of the regular 3, it now has 5 reels. So, in total, you have 9 pay lines.

You can bet at Gold Slam Online via credits. A credit is worth 0.20 euros. You can wager at least 1 and a maximum of 250 credits or 0.20 euros is the minimum, and 50 euro is the maximum. Furthermore, the RTP of the online slot machine is on the industry average: 96.15%. Above the industry average is the ultimate multiplier: 2,000 times your stake. In theory, this could lead to a maximum win of 53,000 euros.

The values of the Gold Slam symbols

The symbols representing a low value are the fruit symbols, cherries, oranges, and lemons. These are worth between 5 and 50 credits depending on the amount. The blackberries and watermelons are worth more, between 20 and 250 credits. Furthermore, you can cash at the BAR. This can take on different values. You can be punished with a few 5 credits or be richly rewarded in the form of 2,000 credits. Of course, you should always do gambling wisely. You can get rich (2,000 credits) or lose your stake (5 credits). Therefore, we cannot stress it often enough, always gamble wisely and responsibly.

Why are slot machines so attractive?

Slot machines have been in the game for a long time and are still wildly popular, both offline and online. This is mainly due to the accessibility and ease of slot machines. Many online casino slots always have tricky features; on the other hand, slot machines are easy to play and understand for everyone. Gold Slam Online, in particular, is a standout. The slot machine takes modern aspects of new casino slots without losing authenticity and simplicity.

Gold Slam review: the reliability

An online slot should be reliable in addition to a fun playing experience and a significant payout percentage. We do this by looking at the supplier of online slots. Gold Slam Online was produced by the Dutch company Stakelogic. This is an emerging player in the industry. The company mainly made slot machines; it has also switched to online slots. They could do this because they can always guarantee quality at the slot machines, including at Gold Slam Online. In addition, Bonuslots has good experiences with the online slot and considers it reliable.

What are the pros and cons of Gold Slam Online?

Every slot machine has its pros and cons, so does Gold Slam Online. The slot machine annex slot is very simplistic, has a relatively high maximum multiplier, a fantastic RTP, and excellent gameplay. Are these terms not very familiar to you? 


  • Easy gameplay
  • Never bores
  • Fun features
  • Jackpot
  • A true classic


  • This slot is maybe too simple for some players
  • Not very interesting for experienced players
  • Bonus is not extensive

What can you Winning at Gold Slam

By looking at the theoretical payout percentage, you can see your chances of winning. 96% is about on average. Gold Slam Online has an RTP of 96.15%, so the online slot machine is just a bit above average. Would you rather play on a slot game with a higher maximum multiplier? Then check out our reviews about Immortal Romance, Mega Moolah, or Gonzo’s Quest Online.

You’ll be able to cash the most when you use the gamble feature. You can choose between a head or coin in this option and see it doubled or lost from your bet. If you are constantly betting well, Gold Slam Online’s maximum payout has allowed you to gamble 5 times well, giving you a maximum multiplier of 2,000 times your stake.

You bet with the online slot with a fixed amount per spin, represented in credits. For example, one credit is 0.20 euros. You can bet between 1 and 250 credits at Gold Slam Online. Furthermore, the online slot machine has a medium variance, which means that your payouts will not fluctuate to a very high degree.

Gold Slam Online bonus

Unfortunately, the Gold Slam Online doesn’t have a typical bonus of a slot with free spins or anything like that, but it does have a nice jackpot. And there is another fun feature. The online slot game has gold lucky 7’s on the last three reels. So if you get your lucky number 7 on the last three reels, you will receive a prize of up to 1,000 times your stake. There is also a mystery jackpot. At the top left, you can follow the jackpot position. When the meter comes close to 5,000, the chances are that the bonus will fall. And that jackpot falls quite often. Stakelogic has a rate of 0.5% of all bets that go directly to the jackpot: payout!

Final Verdict Gold Slam

We can only say positive things about Gold Slam Online. It is an advanced slot machine that has fun features and great gameplay. Especially the ease with which Gold Slam comes online will attract many players enormously. In addition, there are many betting options, an excellent RTP, and, for a slot machine, a pretty high maximum multiplier. In short, we are a fan of Gold Slam Online!

FAQ Gold Slam

There are 5 reels, each with 3 symbols per reel. This results in 9 paylines.

No, unfortunately not. However, you can win a big bonus by getting lucky 7’s on your last reel. There is also a jackpot active.

The RTP, or the theoretical benefit rate, is 96.15%. This is solid because it is above the industry average.

Yes, after each winning combination, you can gamble by head or coin, resulting in doubling your winnings, or your entire win will disappear.

No, Gold Slam Online has a medium variance. This means that your results will not fluctuate to a very high degree.

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