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Hippo Pop

Hippo Pop Online is an online slot machine from the relatively new provider Avatar UX. The online slot game has a typical and original Popwins concept: winning combinations splash apart, creating new varieties. Hippo Pop Online is set in the jungle, and you’ll be delusional among all kinds of exotic animals, designed with a modern look. Hippo Pop Online has a sky-high variance: the outcome of each spin is different. You bet with a fixed amount per spin which runs from 0.20 euro to 40 euro. The return to the player has a value of 96.10%. You will get the best result during the free spin round, with the maximum payout being 48,150 times your stake. There are a whopping 65,536 ways to win; this amount is not often encountered.

  • Popwins concept: unique and fun
  • Classic theme: animals never disappoint
  • Towering variance: for the real gambling enthusiast
Fun theme:

jungle and animals is a golden combination

High variance:

each spin will be different

Not bad RTP:

96.10% is just a bit above average

Nicely worked out:

detailed and aesthetically

Exciting free spin round:

heart rate boosting

Hefty maximum win:

48,150 times your stake is not wrong

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Hippo Pop Play Online

While playing Hippo Pop Online, you will feel yourself in a jungle-like vibe. All animals, beautifully styled, have impressive piercing luminous eyes. Additionally, the Tarzan-like tune adds even more atmosphere. The slot machine was designed by Avatar UX and released by Yggdrasil. A relatively new player, with a new concept: Popwins. Undoubtedly inspired by the classic cascading wheels, but just a bit more fun. Finally, Bonuslots has figured out a thing or two for you: the operation of the online slot machine, the bonus round, the pros and cons, the chances of winning, and much more!

Hippo Pop Online Play: how does the online slot machine?

Hippo Pop Online is set in the jungle. Your goal is to claim as many monies as possible and to flee from the online jungle back to the safe haven on the bank. The online slot machine has an RTP of 96.10%, just at the average. Would you rather have a slot machine with a higher RTP? Then try Diamonds of the Realm, Immortal Romance, or Diamond Mine Megaways.

We have to admit: Hippo Pop Online is not a very simple game. It takes some getting used to at first, but it has entertaining gameplay when you’re in it and know it. Hippo Pop Online has a Popwins concept: the winning symbols disappear and are split in two after a winning combination. You have to know for a while, but you can also win quite a bit with it. There are 65,536 pay lines in total: these numbers are almost only seen with Megaways slots, unique. Of course, you don’t always win; we recommend gambling safely and responsibly at all times.

You bet with a fixed amount per spin, which runs from 0.20 to 40 euro. You will be able to cash the most during the free spin round. The maximum multiplier that comes with this is 48,150 times your bet. Hippo Pop Online has a sky-high variance: the outcome of each spin will be different.

The symbols of Hippo Pop Online in a nutshell

Hippo Pop Online has a variety of symbols. The low flyers are the symbols J to Ace. They’re not worth a lot, but yes, you have to start with something. The fish, birds, and frogs are the medium paying symbols: they are not very worth much, but nicely detailed. The premium symbols are zebras, cats, and flamingos. These are worth up to 4x your stake. The game says it all. The hippo is worth the most. All these symbols aren’t worth much. However, it would help if you observed the Popwin mechanism. This allows you to cash quite a lot with a few winning combinations.

Hippo Pop review: how reliable is the online slot machine?

Hippo Pop Online was produced by Avatar UX and was launched through the Yggdrasil platform. Avatar UX is a relatively small company, has not yet created many slots, and therefore has to make a name for itself within the online gambling world. By producing unique and innovative slots, the company tries to distinguish itself and become a famous player within the industry. Yggsdrasil is a platform to help smaller players. Bonuslots can determine that the companies have produced a solid, reliable, high-quality lock with Hippo Pop Online

The Pros and Cons of Hippo Pop Slot

Hippo Pop Online is an online slot machine with class. The slot machine was produced by a new company that has to make a name for itself within the industry and has distinguished itself by delivering a high-quality online slot machine. Moreover, animals never disappoint: especially when they are nicely detailed and have impressive eyes.


  • Beautiful and well worked out graphics
  • You can buy a bonus
  • Fun free spin round
  • Unique Popwin feature
  • The game is playable on multiple devices: laptop, phone, etc.


  • The variance may be too high for some players
  • A little tricky to understand at first

What are the chances of winning Hippo Pop Slot

Hippo Pop Slot has a sky-high variance: so your outcomes can significantly fluctuate. You bet with a fixed amount per spin, which runs from 0.20 euro to 40 euro. It’s a fun-themed slot game: animals, jungle, jungles, jungle sounds make for an atmospheric playing experience. The RTP, which returns to the player on average, is 96.10%. Do you think this is a great RTP? Then try Gemix 2 Online, Book of Secrets 6, or Jammin Jars 2.

There are 65,536 ways to win a total of 65,536, so quite a few. There are 5 reels with 3 symbols each so that Popwin mode can make this more. The maximum multiplier is 48,150 times your bet, so decent. Suppose you get a great multiplier and you cash considerably. 

How Does The Hippo Pop Slot Bonus Work?

There is an option to buy the bonus, which we see as a significant advantage. By submitting 85 times your bet, you will activate the bonus here. You can also activate the bonus by playing the playing field to the maximum size of 6 rows high throughout the base game. Hippo Pop Online uses progressive multipliers: after each winning spin, there will be +1 on the multiplier. When the winning spins run out, the bonus round starts with t 5 free spins. Avatar UX has unpacked: you can spin a wheel for free, with free spins running up to 12 spins. You have to claim as many monies as possible through the Popwin combinations during the free spins. After a non-winning combination, the reels will be reset to 5 reels. The maximum height is 8, the thick hippos payout 4 times their standard value with their shiny eyes.

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Bonulsots thinks Hippo Pop Online is a decent online slot game. The slot does not differ significantly from the predecessors, which is a minor minus, but each slot with the Popwin concept is fun and original to play. In addition, time has been given to the graphic details to optimize the playing experience. It’s mainly waiting for you to activate the bonus with a big spin, but if you do this, you can grab hefty prizes with a maximum of 48,150 times your stake. All in all, we are delighted with Hippo Pop.

FAQ Hippo Pop

 The Popwin concept is an improved version of the well-known cascading wheels. After a winning combination, the winning symbols disappear, and two new symbols will be replaced.

First, of course, the central theme is the jungle. This is well worked through in visual aspects, such as animal symbols.

 The RTP is 96.10%. This is nice on average, making the online slot machine a decent slot machine in this area.

Yes, you can either unlock it or buy it for 85 times your initial bet to activate the bonus round.

Sure. The variance is relatively high. This means that the outcome of each spin will be different so that it can go up and down quite a bit.

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