Cent minimal bet
Euro maximum bet

Immortal Romance

We’ve landed in a dark, creepy vampire world. Undoubtedly based on series like Vampire Diaries and Twighlight Saga, we see all kinds of elements of these blood-drinking creatures. Weird but fun. Immortal Romance Online has a minimum bet of 0.30 euros and a maximum of 6 euros. This has all to do with Immortal Romance Online has high variance.

On the other hand, you get an excellent return to the player of 96.86%. In addition, the ultimate top prize of the slot machine is over 3,000,000 coins. We are more than happy.

  • Creepy theme and well worked out
  • Very high RTP
  • A gem for slot lovers with a very high variance
Pretty high RTP:

up to 96.86%

Classic slot game:

a favorite with many since 2012

Stylish decor:

including an alluring music

Multiple features bonus game:

for more fun

High variance:

your outcomes will always difference

Towering maximum win:

3,645,000 coins max, x12,150 your stake

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Playing Immortal Romance: a Brief Introduction

Immortal Romance Online takes place in a world where blood-drinking mythical creatures and vampires are central. Microgaming tries to pull you into the slot by adding all kinds of sinister elements to the slot machine. The vampires’ protagonists, gothic symbols topped with atmospheric music that puts you in a stealthy mood.

Immortal Romance Online is an atmospheric slot that can also be achieved if you’re lucky. Are you curious what extras Immortal Romance Online brings? Bonuslots has figured out a thing or two for you: the reliability, pros and cons, the bonus game with the options involved, and much more!

Immortal Romance Slot: How Does It Work?

Twilight fans pay attention: there is a slot machine where, apart from the fact that you will be a fan of it thematically, you can win a vast amount of money. Immortal Romance Online has a pretty high variance. Combined with a considerable amount of pay lines and great gameplay, Microgaming has made a gift to vampire lovers. The high variance results in a high fluctuation in payments. Be aware of the risks and always gamble responsibly.

Anyway, vampires, high volatility, atmospheric music, but how does Immortal Romance Online work? First, you need to get as many winning combinations as possible, which is your job on the 5 reels. Winning combinations start from the left side, with three identical symbols. Given the 243 pay lines, there is certainly a chance that this is possible. There are 4 main characters: Amber, Troy, Michael, and Sarah. Microgaming has an enjoyable feature for these love-seeking characters; each character has its own bonus game, with its soundtrack!

A small minus is a range in which you can bet at Immortal Romance Online. Starting at 0.30 euro and ending at 6 euros, Microgaming has not been very generous. This can be explained because there are opportunities for huge payouts; with a maximum deposit of 100 euros, the casino would be bankrupt in no time. However, with an RTP of 96.86%, this is fully compensated. Do you like slots with a high RTP? Then try Kingmakers Megaways, Sweet Bonzana Megaways, or Survivor Megaways.

Are there dark, romantic symbols at Immortal Romance Online too?

But of course. Immortal Romance Online has several symbols that are dedicated to these garlic-hating figures. All the main characters are vampires: Amber, Troy, Micheal, and Sarah. Despite being vampires, they are nicely stylized and good-looking characters. These mythical teenagers are good for payments between 11.66 and 16.66 times your stake with a 5 of a kind. So, not wrong. In addition to the fact that these symbols are worth a bit, they all have an interesting backstory that can be read with the paytable. We can tell you, Twilight Saga is nothing, and a little extra background will never hurt.

You also have the low flyers present on the regular playing cards, which account for a maximum of 5x. The symbols can be good: castles and the diary can be 10 times your bet. The logo of the Immortal Romance Slot i is the wild symbol. Not very creative, but incredibly tasty when you see this emblem pass 5 times on your screen: 50 times your bet.

Immortal Romance Review: Is it reliable?

Microgaming produced Immortal Romance Online. Microgaming is a grandpa in the field of slots. The company has been producing slot machines for over 20 years but remains with the times. The company wants to distinguish itself by making all places top thematically, at Immortal Romance, this worked out well. The slot machine produced in 2012 is still up to date, quality, and very reliable. The reliability of the online casino is also considered very high. Immortal Romance Online: Bonuslots has good experiences playing Immortal Romance Online and recommends reliability.

What are the pros and cons of playing Immortal Romance?

Each slot machine has advantages and disadvantages. However, immortal Romance Online performs all-around just very well:

  • In terms of topic, it’s top.
  • You can grab sky-high payouts.

The layout combined with atmospheric rock music creates an enjoyable and exciting ambiance.


  • It’s fascinating; certainly, the bonus game can result in very high prices.
  • Bonus game you can play through for multiple options, more fun so.
  • Very high Return To Player


  • The slot has very high volatility, so you can wait a long time before taking fat winnings.
  • The betting range is pretty low; if you’re tight at cash, this is not a suitable slot, and if you just hit the jackpot, either.
  • The bonus round can be challenging to understand.

What can you win at the Immortal Romance Slot?

Immortal Romance Online’s chances of winning are pretty high. For example, the slot machine has an RTP of no less than 96.86: this is significantly above the industry average. So on this front, this slot machine is quite attractive. But: Immortal Romance Online has pretty high volatility, so you can wait a while until you get a hefty payout.

What’s great is that the base game is easy to play. The betting range, 0.30 euro to 6 euros, is rather limited, but the chances of winning are certainly there. With 243 pay lines, you’re in the right place at Immortal Romance. In addition, the jackpot. 3,645,000 coins. That’s a significant amount. Do you like slots with a hefty jackpot? Then Mega Moolah is for you.

How does the Immortal Romance Online bonus game work?

Microgaming has outdone itself with the Immortal Romance Online bonus game. You can trigger the bonus when you have 3 scatter symbols, lion heads. In addition to the bonus game where the people are central, you also have another wild symbol. This symbol extends all the way; with 5 wild symbols, you can see your bet multiply up to 200 times. Undoubtedly, there will be euphoria with such a multiplier.

But now the real bonus game: the room of the spins. Your perception of the ‘creepy’ decor will disappear, as the Immortal Romance bonus can be lucrative. Of course, it’s up to you to choose how often you want to visit the room in question.

By default, you start with Amber. With this witch in love, you get 10 free spins and an x5 multiplier on all your prizes. After that, it’s up to you: do you want a lot of free spins without risk anyway? Or do you like a gamble and want to risk fewer free spins but any higher payouts? Each character has different volatility and a different number of free spins, so see how far you want to go at what risk.

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Immortal Romance Online: Is there true love for this slot machine?

Immortal Romance, or Immortal Romance. We get such an association when playing this slot. There is a storyline that stands out from many other slots. You can grab sky-high prizes, the RTP is decent, and there are multiple features with the relatively long-lasting bonus game. An excellent excuse to play for a long time. You imagine yourself in a Dracula-like vibe where there are many possibilities to cash strong. Immortal Romance Online is one of Microgaming’s most played slots by all the above aspects and one of Bonuslots’ most favorite slots. The iconic game has gained quite a status within the slot game world, and we understand why!

FAQ Immortal Romance

 The RTP has a value of 96.86%.

First, you will trigger the bonus game if you spin 3 or more scatter symbols. This is twofold: you can win cool cash prizes through wild symbols and play with one of the protagonists—so double fun.

Microgaming developed the slot machine. This company produced as one of the first slots and is a well-known and dedicated player.

You can bet from 0.30 euro. The maximum is 6 euros. So not an enormous range, but you can win enormously high cash prizes with a relatively low stake.

Yes, the volatility is pretty high. So the results can also fluctuate considerably.

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