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Jingle Spin

Jingle Spin Online is a classic slot game with the coziest party of the year as a theme: Christmas. It doesn’t happen very often that producers take Christmas as a theme, but we understand why: a cozy atmosphere full of fun. Jingle Spin Online is fun and has a significant payout percentage: 96.48%. You bet at the online slot with a fixed amount per spin, which runs from 0.20 euro to 200 euros, so a suitable amount for each. In addition, Jingle Spin Online has a pretty high maximum win: a small 95,000 euros. The fun comes first at Jingle Spin, which is noticeable by the fun atmosphere with all kinds of fun features. In addition, the online slot machine has a medium variance: so you know where you stand in terms of the results of your spins.

  • High maximum win
  • Cozy theme
  • Fine RTP
Cozy theme:

Christmas is always fun

High RTP:

excellent for your cash balance

Enormous stake scope:

0.20 euros to 200 euros

Many features:

for a more fun gameplay

High maximum win:

and now we hope you get it

Reliable Provider:

NetEnt is reliable

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Jingle Spin play: introduction

Who doesn’t love Christmas? Cozy with the family around the fireplace, unpack Christmas presents, and dine well. It is, therefore, only logical that NetEnt has decided to create an online slot game with Christmas as a theme. From now on, you don’t have to wait until December 25th, but you can enjoy the party all year round. The slot game is about Christmas: baubles, Santa Claus, and a cozy background.

Jingle Spin Online is a cozy slot with several fun features. There is a great RTP, high maximum win, and a good reach in terms of bets. In the blog below, we detail the following points: the operation, symbols, features, pros and cons, chances of winning, the bonus, and, of course, our final judgment.

How does the Jingle Spin Slot work?

You bet at Jingle Spin Online with a fixed amount. You bet on a pay line at Jingle Spin Online. The minimum is 0.01 euro per pay line, and the maximum is 10 euro. There are 20 pay lines, so the minimum deposit of the online slot is 0.20 euros, and the maximum is 200 euros.

Jingle Spin is cozy. The decor of the online slot machine consists of a cozy Christmas cottage. We can’t conclude that the slot machine is quite atmospheric with a fun background, colorful symbols, and fun features. In addition, you can also win big at Jingle Spin Slot. The maximum win per pay line is 1,000x, at 5 baubles. So you won’t get very rich at the lock in one fell swoop, but this goes step by step.

Jingle Spin Online has a relatively high theoretical payout rate: 96.48%. In addition, the online slot machine has a medium variance: your results will not differ from each other to a huge extent per spin. So you can win a lot when gambling, or of course, lose some. That’s why our advice is: always gamble safe and responsible.

The symbols and their values

Jingle Spin Online uses the standard playing cards and their values. The 10 is worth the least, and the ace can pay 75 credits at 5 symbols. Next, it’s up to you to get as many decorations as possible that you usually hang in the Christmas tree and grab as many monies as possible. Finally, the Christmas ball is the most lucrative; with 5 symbols, it is worth a nice 1,000x

Jingle Spin Online features

NetEnt has added a total of 4 fun features to the slot machine, making it all a little more exciting while playing Jingle Spin Online. On the right side of the game, the screen is the Wheel of Fortune, in which a Santa Claus rotates every spin. Either you don’t get anything from Santa who turns the wheel, or you get a Christmas ball. Then it is passed to the right hand of the leprechaun until the bauble falls off the roll. If you then play a wild on the roll where the bauble is, you win one of the 4 features.

The Spreading Wild Bauble ensures that all symbols around the wild symbol turn into wild symbols, so you can get quite a few winning combinations. The Coin Win Bauble provides a cash prize of 50, 100, 200, 500, 1,000, or 2,500 credits; this feature is also the most common. You can also activate the Free Spin Bauble, where you get 7, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25, 30, or even 50 free spins. Finally, you also have a Surprise Bauble, which results in a surprise, and you will win one of the features

The reliability of Jingle Spin Online

Jingle Spin Online is a product of the Swedish company NetEnt. Generally, slots of this provider provide high quality, a high payout rate, and a lot of graphics quality. Over the years, the company has received several awards and thus also the ISO-27001 certificate. It probably won’t tell you anything, but this is a prestigious certificate of privacy and reliability. Translated back, we see this at Jingle Spin Online. It is a quality slot machine, is reliable, and DutchGamblers has good experiences with it. Would you like a little more information about the casino in general? Take a look at our page: Online Casino Reviews.

Jingle Spin review: the pros and cons

Jingle Spin Online is a fun slot with lots of atmosphere and fun graphics, but it has some drawbacks. Still, it’s a pretty exciting slot because of the wheels of the fortune wheel that is on the right side of the playing field. As a result, you are constantly in tension about whether or not you can grab a prize.


  • A cozy slot machine and fun audio
  • Exciting wheels of fortune
  • Fine and easy gameplay


  • Low maximum multiplier
  • Wins are not very high in the base game

The odds of winning Jingle Spin Online

Jingle Spin Online’s winning odds have a reasonably high RTP. The industry average is 96%, Jingle Spin Online’s RTP is 96.48%, so that’s an advantage. Do you like slots with a high RTP? Then Immortal Romance, Gorilla Kingdom of Mega Moolah is something for you.

You bet at Jingle Spin Online with a fixed amount per spin. There are 5 reels with 3 symbols per reel, resulting in 20 paylines. You bet per payline, so the minimum per spin is 0.20 euro, and the maximum is 200 euros. In total, the maximum amount you can win is a small 95,000 euros.

The results of Jingle Spin Online will not fluctuate to a very high degree because the online slot game has a medium variance. However, there are some great features with the slot machine, resulting in excellent prices. Unfortunately, Jingle Spin Online has no jackpot to be won.

Jingle Spin Online Bonus

Jingle Spin Online bonus is triggered via the wheels of fortune. First, you must match the Christmas ball that always moves with a wild card on your playing field. Next, a feature is randomly chosen, where the free spins are one of them. A randomizer gets you 7, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25, 30, or even 50 free spins. The free spins start with the baubles in the hands of the leprechauns above the reel, and with each spin, the rightmost leprechaun gets a new Christmas bauble. So if you’re running a Wild, you can win a fun feature. All in all, it’s not very spectacular, but it’s entertaining.

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What do we think about Jingle Spin Online

Jingle Spin Online is not our favorite slot, but we give it big enough. The relatively low maximum multiplier is primarily a minus to the slot machine. But yes, you can grab prizes on it, and the gameplay is pretty okay. In addition, it is an atmospheric slot with a fun entertainment value. Especially the wheels of fortune are exciting and make you taste for more. All in all, Jingle Spin is a decent slot with a good enough, according to Dutch Gamblers.

FAQ Jingle Spin

In total, the online slot game has 5 reels with 3 symbols per reel, resulting in 20 paylines.

Yes. Read how to activate it in our bonus description because they can be quite exciting.

The online slot game can be played on your phone, laptop, or just on your computer.

The slot machine has a pretty wide range of bets. The minimum of Jingle Spin Online is 0.20 euros, and the maximum is 200 euros, so the slot machine is also suitable for the big guys.

These are triggered by matching the Christmas ball at the top of the display with a wild. Next, there are 4 features, so a nice addition.

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