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Legacy of Dead

The Legacy of Dead slot builds on Play ‘n GO’s famous Book of Dead slot.

Once again, with ancient Egypt as its theme, the Legacy of Dead is fascinating, enigmatic, and secretive. Not only are the graphics slicer, but also the high payout percentage makes the Legacy of Dead come out better. Okay, we admit: it’s sometimes a long wait for the bonus. But! Your patience will be rewarded richly by the ancient Egyptian Gods if you are lucky. Legacy of Dead Online is a must-play for Book of Dead fans!

  • Egyptian theme takes you into the ancient tombs!
  • High variation: all symbols mean something different!
  • Higher chance of winning and higher RTP than Book of Dead!
High Return to Player:

96.58% RTP!

High Variation:

every spin is different!

Low bets are possible:

starting at 0.01 cents bet

Free spins:

more and more winnings

Improved features:

bold graphics at ancient Egyptian theme

Mystical and secretive:

meet the dead

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Legacy of Dead Online: imagine your way into an ancient and enigmatic Egyptian tomb!

Play ‘n GO has again released a new addition to the Book of Dead Slots (here a link as soon as the Book of Dead review is online). Legacy of Dead is a slot that builds on the ongoing success of Book of Dead. A review may seem redundant because if you’ve played Book of Dead, it can hardly be different that you haven’t been able to resist the temptation to play Legacy of Dead as well.

With this slot, it’s time to return to ancient Egypt to discover what mystique is lurking. Not only is this slot reasonably easy to play, but the minimum bet is also from 0.10 cents on the Book of Dead, going to 0.01 cents at the Legacy of Dead Online! Once again, Play ‘n GO has brought an accessible slot on the market for the (yet) not so experienced gambler. In addition, compared to the Book of Dead, the graphics have been improved. At the Legacy of Dead Slot, you can expect budding archaeologists with worn flaming torches, familiar elements from the depress Book of Dead, and extra special symbols. Meet the residents of an ancient Egyptian tomb when you play the Legacy of Dead Online Slot. Free spins with additional symbols are among the hidden assets.

Like Book of Dead Online Slot, we at Bonuslots have researched this video slot and are equally happy to tell you more about the sequel in this Legacy of Dead Online review. In this review, we will consider the essential points for you as a player: how does Legacy of Dead Online work, how do I play the bonus game, what are my chances of winning, and how reliable is Legacy of Dead Online? Bonuslots has it all (and more) figured out for you!

How Does the Legacy of Dead Online Work?

Legacy of Dead is a Play ‘n GO slot that continues on the almost everlasting success of Book of Dead. Therefore, the Legacy of Dead Online game plan will not sound utterly unfamiliar to their ears for those who have played Book of Dead Online.

The Legacy of Dead slot machine is a five-reel ten-pay-line game with a, and you may have guessed, ancient Egyptian theme. The game is set in an Egyptian temple full of burning torches and stone pillars. The five-reel three-row playing field has ten pay lines where you can combine at least three symbols into a win. You only need two symbols on a pay line for the higher symbols. All pay lines run from left to right.

Each player and every bet option can go to Legacy of Dead: the coin value, the number of coins per pay line, and the number of pay lines can be adjusted. For example, you can play from 0.01 cents per spin, with a maximum of 100 euros per spin. Will you get a winning combination? Then you get the choice to withdraw your winnings or bet in a slot game. With this choice, there are three options: you go for the safe option, and you cash your winnings, you take a limited risk and bet your winnings on the color of a playing card, or you take a significant risk, and you bet your winnings on a specific symbol. Of course, in case of a wrong choice, you will lose your profit. But, high risk, high reward: you double your winnings if you gambled the color right. However, if you gambled the specific symbol properly, you get four times your bet. Delicious! By the way, be aware that this gambling game will be skipped when you play automatically

How reliable is Legacy of Dead?

The Legacy of Dead Online is a sequel to Play ‘n GO’s Book of Dead Online. The Legacy of Dead Online was created by Play ‘n GO, a slot provider known as one of the most reliable and better providers of the moment. Play ‘n GO not only releases most slots but also consistently delivers high quality. The Book of Dead Online was part of Play ‘n GO endless list of classics, which is why Play ‘n GO wanted to crystallize the success of the Book of Dead in a new slot game: the Legacy of Dead. Since a big player in casino country makes this slot, you can certainly assume that the Legacy of Dead is again a dedicated slot.

We at Bonuslots have good experiences playing this slot! You can grab big wins at the Legacy of Dead, especially during the bonus round. The slot machine is suitable for the experienced and novice gambler, as it is easy to play, and you can start with a small starting amount: with a bet of no less than 0.01 cents, you can already play the game! Do you want to start with a higher starting amount? Then try Viking Slot Online or Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Megaways Online!

What are the pros and cons of Legacy of Dead?


  • Exciting from start to finish
  • For Book of Ra fans, a real must-play!
  • Attractive RTP: 96.58%


  • Not very innovative
  • Difficult to run the highest price

What are your chances of winning at Legacy of Dead Online?

The chances of winning at Legacy of Dead Online are pretty high for an easy-to-play game. The 96.58% RTP is slightly higher than the Book of Dead Online 96.21%. Most online casinos use this RTP rate, but not every online casino works with this. You can find versions of the Legacy of Dead Online with 94.25%, 91.25%, 87.25%, or even 84.18%. However, the RTP rate of around 96% is relatively standard for online slots: Bonanza Megaways Online, Pirate Kingdom Megaways Online, and Zeus Slots Online, an equivalent RTP.

So a 96% RTP is relatively standard; the Legacy of Dead Online is a little above this. This makes the Legacy of Dead Online more attractive than many other slots! Of course, be aware that these profits will not be constant. Due to the speed of this slot, you can also quickly lose your bet. In addition, the game is easy to play, you are soon in the bonus round with free spins, and the minimum bet is low. For the novice and experienced gamblers, there is good money to make. Because you can play with a bet of 0.01 cents, you don’t have to live on water and bread to play this slot! Of course, it’s important to remember that you always need happiness: responsible gambling, of course, remains essential. But who knows, perhaps the ancient Egyptian Gods and fate are well-minded to you. There’s only one way to find out!

How alluring is the Legacy of Dead Online bonus game?

First of all, with every winning combination, the Legacy of Dead offers you the chance to bet your winnings in a slot game. The lock display will turn into a gold playing card if you choose this option. If the card’s color is guessed correctly, you can double your winnings by selecting the fitting symbol. But, this isn’t all yet. The Legacy of Dead logo, the richly decorated gold burial chamber, is the wild and scatter symbol. The burial chamber will have to land in three or more places simultaneously to kick off the bonus feature. As with Book of Dead Online, the bonus round consists of ten free spins. The big difference with the Book of Dead is that you can collect multiple special symbols and the chance to win an unlimited number of free spins!

Because it’s a Play ‘n GO slot, it has a high variance. This means that most wins will be small. The bigger wins come in the free spins with, for example, the Tutankhamun or the Legacy of Dead symbol, as these chosen symbols lend a hand to fill the reels with the same sign. So, are you taking the gamble?

Imagine your way through ancient Egypt at Legacy of Dead Online

A sumptuous and luxurious palace environment, with walls illuminated by oil lamps and torches, this online slot machine in ancient Egyptian style gives an actual class with a well-developed theme. Legacy of Dead Online belongs to Malta-based developer Play ‘n GO, who is no stranger to tombs, pyramids, tombs, and pharaohs.

A gold-plated frame surrounds the reels, and the shiny gold tones accentuate all the Legacy of Dead symbols. Although the game includes the commonly used playing card icons, the antique and nostalgic Gods and Pharaohs add style to this slot. The mighty Gods seem to do their job well: higher prices are paid in this slot than in the Book of Dead Online.

No Egyptian-themed gambling game is complete without an immersive soundtrack, so Play ‘n Go has been keeping to these demands well this time. You won’t be disappointed by the cinematic theme that plays along as the reels spin in the tomb.

Bonuslots is convinced: Legacy of Dead Online creates a bigger game sensation.

The moment of the truth, Bonuslots is out: the Legacy of Dead Online builds on the Book of Dead Online boldly. Unfortunately, it was difficult to objectively judge Legacy of Dead because of two predominant conflicting emotions. On the one hand, a negative flurry since Play ‘n GO did not work very innovatively with the Legacy of Dead Online. On the other, a joyous sound as the Legacy of Dead Online as a more excellent version with a more profitable bonus game than the classic comes out better. It doesn’t disappoint, but it doesn’t dazzle either.

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Final consideration: another Book of Ra copycat, are we waiting for that?

Play ‘n GO has achieved tremendous success with the Book of Dead Online or Rise of Merlin Online. Ancient Egyptian-themed slots seem to be doing well. The idea from Play ‘n GO to use Egyptian mysticism as a theme again is therefore also very understandable. Legacy of Dead Online has many beautiful ingredients, but on the other hand, it’s not innovative at the end of the line. The fact remains: the graphics are better with Legacy of Dead, prices and RTP leave nothing to be desired and are higher than Book of Dead. We can’t get around it: this slot machine is fascinating, even with few innovative elements. If you are an actual Book of Ra fan and are looking forward to Book of Dead, it’s a great choice to play Legacy of Dead! However, be warned, the slot machine can be highly addictive. Therefore, take responsible gambling into account. Want to read more about how online gambling works precisely? Read more on our blog page!

FAQ Legacy of Dead

Book of Dead Online’s RTP is 96.58%. So for every €100 you bet, you will win back an average of €96.58. But: the slot machine is highly volatile, so your bankroll can quickly disappear. The flip side of the coin: you can get huge profits at every turn.

The Legacy of Dead maximum payout is 5000 times your total bet per spin or free spin, with a maximum total win of 500,000 euros. Your chances in the free spins increase dramatically every time.

Yes. The free spins feature gives you 10 free spins and a unique expansion symbol. When it appears, it covers the roll completely. This may result in a screen full of the same symbol. There is also an unlimited number of retriggers for infinite free spins.

Yes! The Legacy of Dead Online was created using HTML5 technology, as we are more often used to from Play ‘n Go. This means you can play on any device you want, including smartphones and tablets. While it looks best on desktop devices (laptops /pcs), graphics, animations, and gameplay are not affected when playing on smaller screens.

The Legacy of Dead Online is definitely the better slot game of the two games. Play ‘n GO has boosted the graphics, the minimum bet is lower, and the maximum win is higher!

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