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NARCOS Videoslot

Narcos Video Slot Online is a game based on the legend of Pablo Escobar and has 5 reels with three different symbols. In total, there are 243 ways to win and the RTP is 96%.

  • The theme is interesting if you know the legend
  • Easy to play
  • Great flexibility in betting options
Two Bonus Features In-Game:

Pablo Escobar and Free Spins

Additional Free Spins:

In Free Spin mode you often get extra spins

Starting at €0.20 per spin:

Also for the budget gambler

Also for High Rollers:

€ 400,00 per spin possible

Great WILD Feature in Game:

WILDS that move along!

Original graphics:

Pablo, Agent Murphy, Pena

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Narcos Video Slot Online; the new game based on the legend of Pablo Escobar

The title of Narcos video slot online will be recognizable to many; Narcos. Netflix’s well-known series is now incorporated into a fantastic online video slot. Narcos is written according to the legend of Pablo Escobar; the famous drug kingpin with two different faces which is starring in this Narcos video slot online. For his family and surroundings as a loving man and benefactor, and the outside world as the complete opposite due to his relentless way of doing business in the cocaine market. We at Bonuslots are excited about this game and have therefore written this Narcos video slots review.

How does it work, playing the Narcos Video Slot?

The Narcos video slot online has an atmosphere in the trend of Grand Theft Auto, it’s dark, and the symbols are cartoonish. The game itself consists of 5 reels and three rows of symbols that allow you to win.

Multiple features in the Narcos video slot game are as follows:

  • There are 243 ways to win
  • RTP is at 96%
  • Wagers can be from 0.20 Euro up to a maximum of 400 Euro per spin
  • The maximum win can be 1,500 times the stake

The highest payout symbols are the 2 DEA agents.

When you play Narcos video slots, so you have multiple chances to win. The highest-paying symbols are the 2 DEA agents, an accomplice of Pablo Escobar and one of his mistresses. When you spin these symbols as 5 in a row, the payout can be up to 300 coins! In addition, there are also flamingos and planes, but these pay a lot less when you have 5 in a row, 120 coins maximum. The letter symbols pay out the least, up to 40 to 60 coins when you have five in a row. Although at Bonuslots we do think this is an easy game to play, like many other casino games of ours, which is why we recommend the bettors who like to make a profit easily to try this Narcos Video Slot Online! Should you prefer to play a different game? Then try Random Runner Online!

What is the reliability of the game Narcos Video Slot Online?

Playing Narcos Video Slot seems more than reliable to us; it’s easy to choose what you want to bet, and in addition, the variable in bet is big. Therefore, the payout of coins is high, and it is (only) 5 rows with 3 symbols; easy win. In addition, we haven’t told you about the ‘WILD’ symbols yet. In this game, a car can drive through the screen at any time, which shoots holes in the reels; then, you get ‘WILD’ symbols instead. If you have five of them in a row, these symbols are worth more than 300 coins.

Advantages and disadvantages of NARCOS Video Slots:


  • The theme is interesting if you know the legend
  • Easy to play
  • Great flexibility in betting options


  • If you’re not familiar with Narcos, the game isn’t interesting
  • The bonus round is rather boring
  • Not that interesting for experienced players

The chances of winning while playing Narcos Video Slot

The chances of winning are 96%, as already mentioned earlier. This is not bad, and because the game is quite simple to play, definitely worth a round. There are more than just a few advantages in this game:

  • The odds of winning or RTP are at 96%
  • Different symbols payout up to a maximum of 300 times the stake!
  • The bet is variable from 0.20 Euro to 400 Euro stake.

In this game, there are both winning odds for those who are just new to online gambling, as well as for the more experienced players who may want to bet more in this Narcos online video slot.

Narcos Video Slot Review: The Bonus Game

The bonus game in Narcos Video Slot Online is exciting and well worth talking about in this Narcos video slots review. When you spin 3 Free Spins symbols, you are automatically entitled to the bonus feature in which you earn 10 free spins. During these free spins, the drive-by feature and WILD symbols are active! So that’s a very rewarding bonus game. Of course, the trick is also to spin as many ‘WILD’ symbols as possible, so you can quickly win good combinations with high-paying symbols. Does this seem something to you? Then we definitely recommend trying Narcos, an incredibly cool video slot, once.

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Why are we at Bonuslots so excited about Narcos online video slot?

The atmosphere of this game is very similar to Grand Theft Auto, so it’s really cool. Pablo Escobar’s symbols and legend behind it makes the game exciting and challenging. In addition, you can also make a big profit in this Narcos video slot online. The bonus round is exciting and certainly for the better gambler, the betting options are tempting. Want to take a gamble with Narcos Online Video Slot? We wish you the best of luck!

FAQ NARCOS Videoslot

The RTP of Narcos video slot is at 96%, and with the high bet ability, there is an excellent chance of getting a lot of winnings in this game.

The theme of Narcos video slot online is based on the legend of Pablo Escobar, a Mexican drug lord who left a great history regarding the cocaine trade.

You can earn 10 free spins every time in the bonus round through the drive-by feature where holes are shot in the symbols reels. This can double up the stake to 1,500 times.

There are up to 243 ways to win in the Narcos video slot online. In addition, the bonus round is interesting and the bet in the game you can choose and let it go up to a maximum of 400 Euro.

The minimum bet is €0,20 and the maximum bet is €400.

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