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Nitropolis 2

ELK Studios has returned with a new part of Nitropolis, Nitropolis 2. The first part of Nitropolis was an explosion of adrenaline in which there were so many different ways to gain that Scrooge McDuck’s accountant himself wouldn’t be able to access it. Nitropolis 2 expands on the foundation that laid the first part with even more ways to win.

  • A sequel to a highly successful slot game
  • Graphics that are of high quality
  • Huge ways to grab beautiful wins

95% not the best

Maximum win:

10,000 times your stake

High variance:

Each round can have a completely different outcome

Wager range:

Bet between €0.20 and €100 per round

Free Spins:

There are free spins to win

Ways to Win:

A Frugal 191,206,267 times

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Help Sergeant Nitro Wolf catch the criminal gangs of Nitropolis

Like in the first part, Sergeant Nitro is cleaning Nitropolis from the criminal activities that take place in this bustling city. The Rouge Rats are already locked up in the first part, now the rest of the rabble. In this part, the action occurs in an urban environment, which can be seen around the playing field. It can be compared to a Gotham meets Blade Runner city. This slot has many special features, which you can read in this review.

How does Nitropolis 2 work?

First, of course, you wonder how it is possible to have 191,206,267 different ways to win on a playing field that consists of 6 reels and 4 rows. Nitropolis 2 has basic ways to win, which are 4,096 ways to win. You can see this number coming back more often within the online video slots. However, this game also has Nitro Reels. These reels take up the space of two symbols above each other but can contain 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 symbols themselves. These Nitro Reels can fall on all reels, ensuring you have this insane number of different ways to win.

The symbol values are relatively low with this online slot machine. Sergeant Nitro pays out the best, which can get up to 3 times your stake. When you win 6 of a kind wins consisting of premium symbols, this will pay between 0.7 and 1 time your bet. The premium symbols consist of pictures of characters from Nitropolis. These are armed pugs, not-so-cute ninja kittens, or tough fighting dogs. After these premium symbols, you get the wanted posters that payout up to 0.5 times your bet. The low-paying symbols are the playing cards, which will pay you up to 0.4 times your stake. Last, you still have the wild symbol. This wild works as a joker for all the above symbols, so you can make beautiful combinations. Thanks to the Nitro Wild and All Wild, many wilds can emerge.

You can bet between €0.20 and €100 per spin, which you do by tuning and placing your credits. In addition to the fact that Nitropolis 2 can take profits in many different ways, you also have 8 different Nitro Boosters. These symbols will randomly appear above the reels during the base game. These symbols will then guarantee the following features:

  • The Nitro Wild ensures that the Nitro Reels on the reel above the wild stands contain only wild symbols.
  • The Nitro Upgrade provides that the Nitro Reels on the reel above, which this upgrade contains the maximum number of symbols (12).
  • The Nitro Match ensures that the Nitro Reel on the reel above this match is matched with a symbol from the reel that appears on the left.
  • The All Wild ensures that all Nitro Reels on the playing field only contain wilds.
  • The All Premium ensures that all Nitro Reels on the playing field contain only high-paying symbols.
  • The All Match ensures that all Nitro Reels on the playing field contain only symbols on the reel to the left of them.
  • The Both Ways ensures that winning combinations of winning combinations are also allowed from right to left.
  • The Respin ensures that you get a respin with the Nitro Reels and that bonus symbols stick to the playing field.

How reliable is Nitropolis 2?

According to us, Nitropolis 2 is an online slot machine that is very reliable from Bonuslots. ELK-Studios is an online video slot developer that has been involved in the online gambling industry for a long time. They have proven themselves well by now and have been one of the big ones in this market for a long time. ELK has an incredible arsenal of real classics for slot machines. Still, they know how to amaze again and again with beautiful and fun new titles. ELK-Studios is still hard at work as the competition in the market, complementing their portfolio with solid names.

This online video slot uses a Random Number Generator (RNG). By the way, all online slots that can be found on our website do this. This generator creates randomness in the game, which means that the game’s creators have not preconceived everything that happens in the game. This tool is also used in table games and scratch card games.

What are the pros and cons of Nitropolis 2?


  • Lots of chances to win
  • Cool theme
  • Playeble on diffrent devices


  • Low RTP 
  • Free spins stop when you reach max win

What are the chances of winning at Nitropolis 2?

As you may have read before in this review, Nitropolis’s Profit Benefit rate (RTP)is 2 95%. This percentage is, on average, on the low side compared to other slots offered (online). The RTP is always expressed in the form of a portion. This is done because this percentage represents the average that can theoretically be recovered as a profit from an (online) gambling game. The higher this percentage is, the more attractive this game could be for a player.

In addition to RTP, you deal with high variance in Nitropolis 2. Variance, also known as volatility, of a gambling game, is the degree of spread of a set of values. In other words, the extent to which the values can differ from each other. For example, the higher the variance is in an (online) slot game, the more mutual values will vary and the more it will be off the average. At Nitropolis 2, you have a chance to win great prizes, but you also have to be prepared to make any losses.

We at Bonuslots would therefore like to advise all players of online gambling games always to take responsible gambling into account while playing this. Have you become interested in playing online slots, or would you like to learn more about them? Then read our blog page. On this informative page, you can find helpful tips about all kinds of games and slots. Updates are regularly posted. So keep an eye on this page to stay up to date!

How do Nitropolis 2 free spins work?

Sergeant Nitro has a car called the Nitro Truck. When it appears 3 times in the same spin, you can squeeze your hands as you enter the free bonus spins round. When you have played 3, you will receive 10 free spins. The more Nitro-Trucks you see passing per round, the more spins you will receive. When you have managed to run 4 of them, you can spin 15 times for free, 5 Nitro-Trucks allow you to spin 20 times, and at 6 times the Truck, you can go free of charge on the reels 25 times.

The advantage of this free spins round over the base game is that the Nitro Reels stick throughout the entire free spins bonus round. Of course, this can result in enormous great prices. When you make sure to spin 3 or more bonus symbols from the Nitro-Truck during the free spins, these are added to the free spins that are already there. In theory, this can continue indefinitely. The free spins bonus round can only be stopped prematurely when you have reached the maximum win of 10,000 times your stake.

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Are you curious about Nitropolis 2?

Nitropolis 2 is a fun online slot game with an entertaining free spins bonus round. The game is suitable for both experienced players and novice players. However, it should be said that this is not the most classic online slot game. If you are also curious about Nitropolis 2, click here and try it out!

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FAQ Nitropolis 2

The RTP, also known as a profit benefit rate, of Nitropolis 2 is 95%. This isn’t super high on average.

The betting range used at Nitropolis 2 is quite broad. You can bet between €0.20 and €100 per round. Here are the credits you use to tune in.

Nitropolis 2 can take profits in no less than 191,206,267 different ways. This number is created by the Nitro Reels and is not often encountered with other online video slots.

It is possible to win back up to 10,000 times your stake.

Yes, there are free spins with this online slot game. You get this by spinning the bonus symbol at least 3 times in 1 spin. When you succeed, you get free spins. You can keep spinning infinitely if you manage to spin bonus symbols over and over, until you have won 10,000 times your stake.

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