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Random Runner

Random Runner Online is a timeless classic with a high RTP of 95.43%. This classic online slot machine is an integral part of the casino world. It is a fairly simple game and so it is a fun option for every player. Due to its simple gameplay, it has become a global success. Do you think you have what it takes to get some big cashouts at Random Runner? Then don’t wait any longer and start today.

  • A true classic
  • Easy to play
  • Cool gaming bonus
High Return to Player

96% RTP!

Cool game bonus

Win cash!

Gaming experience

Enjoy a true classic!


An integral part of the casino

Good payout

Pays out more online than physical

For every player

For young and old

Play Random Runner online

Random Runner Online: In fact, you don’t even have to be an expert to know that Random Runner is a true classic. This iconic online slot machine has been an integral part of the global casino culture for years. The game was eventually so popular that the Random Runner slot machine was found in almost every corner bar. However, now that the classic slots are increasingly disappearing from bars, this has become a little more uncommon. Fortunately for us, this timeless ‘classic’ can now be played anywhere in online casinos. An additional advantage of this is that the payout rate of online Random Runner has risen significantly compared to the physical slot machine. Random Runner pays out 95.43%, which is considerably higher than the traditional slot machine. Just like the online slot machine Simply Wild Online, this is a real winner!

Random Runner Online: How Does It Work Exactly?

Let’s start at the beginning, how does Random Runner work exactly. Actually, it’s a pretty simple game. There are five active paylines and you win if you have three identical symbols on one of them. You always bet at least one credit, which is worth €0.20 cents. The maximum bet is 250 credits per Random Runner, or €50, – per spin. It is precisely this simple gameplay that contributes to Random Runner’s worldwide success. This online slot machine thus works exactly like the old “cafe slots” and this is what makes it so attractive for many. Playing Random Runner?

  • Easy and fun slot game
  • Bet as little as €0.20 per spin!
  • Playing as a High Roller? play with up to €50.00 per spin
  • RTP of 95.43%: not bad:)
  • Simple
  • Exciting

The power and charm of online Random Runner

We’ve mentioned it before, but we can’t emphathize it enough: this game is and always will be a timeless classic. Random Runner has done a fantastic job transitioning to the global web. Although you may not be physically behind a slot machine anymore, the game feels almost identical. The iconic look of the traditional cabinet has been preserved and all sounds and lighting effects have been kept intact.

Pros and cons Random Runner:


  • For every occasion
  • Cool gaming experience
  • A high RTP
  • High chances of winning


  • No extensive bonus system

Big chance of winning at Random Runner Online as a slot machine

Did you know that Random Runner Online also pays much more than a physical slot machine? Which is an extra big plus! All in all, we dare to say that Random Runner online is actually always worthwhile. Fifteen minutes left, nothing to do, and you just want to take a quick chance online? Or do you just have time to spare and you really want to take a good seat? Random Runner is good for any occasion and never disappoints.

What about the Bonus in Random Runner?

We can almost hear you think about it. Although a complex bonus system doesn’t really belong in this classic, there is a small bonus feature hidden in Random Runner. For example, there is a so-called “Star Prize” feature on this online slot machine. How does it work? Occasionally, symbols are provided with an extra Star. You can win this extra Star Prize if you have three identical symbols on a payline and all of these symbols also have an extra Star. Be aware that this bonus prize does not occur very often.

  • Online slot machine with a cool bonus feature
  • Extra star prize with identical symbols on the payline, star

Random Runner via Bonuslots

Because Random Runner has become a very popular online casino game, it is not always easy to determine which games are actually reliable. We are happy to take care of this for you. Every day, our specialists work to check casino online and assess them for reliability and customer friendliness. Thanks to the experience and knowledge of our people, we know exactly which websites you need to visit to fully enjoy a relaxing game of Random Runner! Are you excited now and want to know more about other cool online slots or online roulette? We at Bonuslots are happy to inform you!

FAQ Random Runner

You can win the bonus or “Star Prize” if you have three identical symbols on a payline. These symbols must therefore be provided with an extra Star.

Random Runner online’s RTP (Return to Player) is 96%. With the nine active paylines you have in the game, you will have a great chance of winning!

You always deposit at least one credit, which is worth €0.20 cents. The maximum bet is 250 credits, which is equal to €50,- per spin.

The online version of Random Runner pays much more than a physical slot machine.

In this game, you must have as many of the same symbols as possible on a payline. The more symbols, the bigger your win.

Play Random Runner now?