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Sky of Thunder

Sky of Thunder Online is a slot machine with perhaps the most classic theme: ancient mythological Greece. The supreme god, the god of airspace and lightning and thunder, we are, of course, talking about Zeus. He is the central figure in Sky of Thunder Online. The online slot machine has a return to player of 96%, so that’s right on the average. You bet at Sky of Thunder with a fixed amount per spin, which runs from 0.40 euro to 40 euros. You will get the best result during the free spins, with the maximum multiplier having a value of 500 times your stake. Furthermore, Sky of Thunder has a low variance: the differences between the outcomes will not be huge.

  • Classic theme: can the classic than Greek mythology?
  • Low variance: for players who don’t like risk very much
  • Good RTP: neat on average
Classic theme

Greek mythology never bores

Good return to player

96% is neatly on the average

Beautiful graphics

nicely designed

Reliable online slot game

Sky of Thunder is reliable

Low variance

know where you stand

Easy to play online slot game

easy gameplay

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Sky of Thunder: introduction

Most online slots have two themes: Ancient Egypt or Greek mythology. They are often imitated but rarely get bored. The Sky of Thunder Online focuses on the chief of Greek mythology: Zeus. With classic pillars, beautifully designed symbols, and exciting background sounds, Sky of Thunder is an atmospheric and graphically well-displayed slot game. Anyway, Bonuslots has figured out a thing or two for you so you can see if this slot machine is what for you. In the blog, you can read, among other things, what the functioning of the slot machine is, the reliability, the advantages, and disadvantages, the chances of winning, and more!

How does the Sky of Thunder work work?

Sky of Thunder is set in a somewhat idyllic setting. Beautifully crafted pillars surround the playing field, you can see all kinds of clouds on your screen, and Mount Olympus (where Zeus lived) can also be seen in the background. Do you like online slots with Greek mythology as a central theme? Then try Zeus Slots or Temple of Medusa.

Bets are made with a fixed amount per spin at Sky of Thunder. This online slot machine works a little bit differently than most slots. You are betting by betting on specific paylines. A coin of 0.01 euro per pay line results in a minimum bet of 0.40 euro. The maximum bet is 40 euro or 1 euro per pay line.

There are 5 reels, each with 4 symbols per reel. Winning combinations can be obtained by landing 3 identical symbols on your screen starting from the left side. Sky of Thunder’s RTP is pretty 96%, so on the industry average. Furthermore, the online slot machine has a low variance: your results will not fluctuate to a very high degree. But be aware that despite your results, it will always be a risky game. Therefore, gamble safely and responsibly at all times.

Sky of Thunder: All symbols

The low symbols are represented by the 10 through the ace on a regular deck. These are good for between 20 and 40 coins. However, you can have an x2 on your symbol. This is not a multiplier, but it means that the symbol is figuratively 2 times on your screen. This allows you to cash more.

In addition to being nicely designed, the mid-range symbols are worth more. The handmade amphora is 100 coins. The traditional bowl is worth 125 coins. According to mythology, the bulls and eagles, who were the holy animals of Zeus, are worth 150 and 175 coins. The winged horse Pegasus is worth up to 200 coins. The Wild symbol, lined by the sacred olive tree, accounts for up to 500 coins in the segment with the most valuable symbols. Zeus itself is the scatter symbol and can result in fun free spins.

Sky of Thunder review: how reliable is the online slot machine?

The Stakelogic company produced sky of Thunder Online. This Dutch company is relatively new to the industry. However, since 2014 it has been a well-known player. In recent years, the company has gained a pretty big name. Reliability and a sound privacy policy are of paramount importance to the company. Partly because of this, the company has received an ISO 27001 certificate. This is not a star wars robot figure, but it is essential for companies. Check our article: the importance of ISO 27001 for Online Casinos for more information. Back to Sky of Thunder Online is a very decent and well-designed online slot and a dedicated slot.

What are the pros and cons of Sky of Thunder?

Classic theme, very often imitated. Does that make it a lesser lock? We don’t think so. Furthermore, Sky of Thunder Online has pretty nice graphics details, but the maximum multiplier is pretty low. Bonuslots has listed all the pros and cons for you.


  • Nicely designed down to the details
  • Atmospheric slot, due to graphics and sound audio
  • Easy gameplay
  • Exciting bonus game


  • No pleasant reach in terms of the bet
  • The low maximum multiplier, 500x, is pretty low
  • You can’t buy a bonus

What can you win at Sky of Thunder?

In addition to playing an online slot to have a good time, of course, you also want to keep a nice pocket penny on it. Sky of Thunder Online has an RTP of 96%, which is precisely on the industry average. Would you rather have a slot machine with a higher RTP? Then try The Dog House Megaways, Elemento Online, or Break Da Bank Again Megaways.

Sky of Thunder has a feature where you can have an x2 on your multiplier. This means that your symbol counts for 2, and when you spin scatters, you will trigger the bonus game. The maximum multiplier associated with the bonus is 500 times your stake. So not very high. But yes, if you bet 40 euro per spin, you will go home with 20,000 euros. You bet with a fixed amount per spin, which runs from 0.40 euro to 40 euro. You are betting on specific paylines. All fun and friendly, pay lines and particular amounts to gamble, but of course, you want to win. Curious how to increase the chances of profit? 

How Does Sky of Thunder Bonus Work?

Every online slot will be more fun when you activate the bonus, including Sky or Thunder Online. The bonus can be triggered by spinning a screen full of scatters embodied by Zeus. Zeus is stacked on the reels. So when you spin Zeus symbols on the first reel, you get an attempt to unlock the free spins. You will continue to respins as long as Zeus symbols descend on your screen. The Lock and Spin mechanism are central to the online slot machine. So when you have a stack, the corresponding symbols will be locked, and you will receive respins. Overall, the Lock and Spin feature is fun but somewhat challenging to understand. The biggest minus is the maximum win; it only concerns 500 times your bet.

Sky of Thunder: top or flop?

Bonuslots must admit quite honestly; this is not our favorite online slot game. Sky of Thunder Online is designed in a lovely way and is capped with atmospheric music. Nevertheless, you can only bet from 0.40 euros, and the maximum multiplier you can receive is only 500 times your stake. So this online slot is not a top player, but we think that many a player is fine with the entertainment value of Sky of Thunder.

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FAQ Sky of Thunder

Not really. The online slot machine is suitable for both experienced and novice gamblers. Only the bonus is a bit more challenging to understand.

You bet on certain pay lines. Your bet starts from 0.40 euro and runs up to 40 euros. So there is not an enormous scope.

The RTP is 96%, which is nearly the average. The maximum multiplier will be achieved during the free spin round and has a value of 500x. So don’t expect huge profits from the online slot machine.

The online slot game has 5 reels with 4 symbols on them. Everything is all about Zeus. You’ll all see things like Zeus himself, traditional columns, Mount Olympus, and typical symbols.

No. This means that you reasonably know where you stand and that your outcomes will not be very different.

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