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Slot Vegas Megaquads

The game Slot Vegas Megaquads knows how to stand out well from other video slots! It is the first title of Big Time Gaming using Megaquad’s mechanism. With no less than four playing fields in one, you won’t get bored quickly. Due to its vast playing fields, many ways to win are created, increasing your chance to win.

  • Multiple playing fields in one!
  • Las Vegas, the ultimate destination for gamblers
  • High variation

first video slot with Megaquads mechanism

High chances of winning:

win up to nearly 17 million different ways


Las Vegas, ultimate destination gamblers!


no less than four playing fields in one

Playing Fields:

increasing your chances of winning!

The experience:

you won't get bored quickly

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Slot Vegas Megaquads online: the first slot with Megaquads

This game from Big Time Gaming has a slightly different impact. It is the first lock of them using Megaquad’s mechanism. But what is this? It’s about squares and quadrilaterals. In the end, the intention is that the 4 quads will form 1 big quad. This is what we call a Megaquad. At least they know how to distinguish themselves well! There are countless combinations and chances of winning with this game! Who doesn’t want that?

With the Las Vegas theme, you’ve come to the right place. This online video slot has the fun ‘Las Vegas Theme.’ Super characteristic, of course, as Las Vegas is the world’s gambling capital. Big Time Gaming has chosen the “old school” style this time. You’ll see in the background of this slot: Downtown Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Megaquad is a super exciting game due to its huge multipliers. By using this mode, you can multiply your profit by making certain combinations!

The playing field consists of four different slots that features can combine. This way, the playing field can grow into a gigantic game! 

How does Slot Vegas Megaquads work?

This fun slot knows how to stand out well from many other online slots! People who already have experience playing online slots will likely know the Megaways slots already. But what makes Megaways so much fun? Megaways slots are known to be the most fun slots out there. Big Time Gaming decided to put a different spin on the Slot Vegas Megaquads. But what exactly are we talking about? Well, the game has multiple, multiple slots in one. This way, you will never get played out at this lock.

What are Megaquads?

The explanation of Megaquads is already in the name. It’s about squares and quadrilaterals. The game has four reels and four rows. As a result, the game has many possibilities in creating winning combinations. And this is just what you want, right? Due to the number of successful combinations that can be made at Slot Vegas Megaquads, you can win in many different ways. So always read carefully about safe gambling before you start playing!


You’ll see old Las Vegas in the background when you start playing this slot. Cool huh? But which symbols are actually worth the most? After all, this is useful to know.

We start from high to low:

  • The purple diamonds
  • The red diamonds:
  • The blue diamonds
  • The green Lucky Sevens.

The smaller prizes can be won with the colored card symbols. Here are: A-K-Q-J-10 and 9. Another nice thing about this slot is that it’s no less than four slots in one! By collecting multiple scatter symbols, you can unlock the free spins bonus. But how does this work? For 4 scatter symbols, you get 6 free spins; for 5 you get 9; for 6 you get 12 and 7 scatters even will get you 15 free spins.


The multiplier mode is undoubtedly worthwhile. With the help of this mode, you can multiply your profit for specific combinations. Each time you make a winning combination with the symbols in question, the multiplier increases by 1. This is very useful if you know how to activate the free spins. You do this by spinning at least 4 scatter symbols with VIPs. Can you do this? Then you will be rewarded with 6 free spins. And that’s not the only thing. For each additional scatter, you get 1 free spin. The reliability of online casinos plays a significant role.

Rainbow Wilds

This mode has unique features. You activate the Rainbow Wild Feature if you rotate two side by side. These can not be found everywhere but on the two middle reels. Then the two playing fields are merged into one playing field. But what does this mean? This means that you get a slot with a 8 x 4 grid, but not only that, the multipliers also go up quickly. This includes winning combinations of no less than five or more premium symbols! Want to make it even better? We already hear you think, “even better, can’t you?”. But this is certainly possible. If you decide to activate the Rainbow Wild during the free spins, you’ll get an 8 x 8 playing field with many ways to win. 

The controls

Of course, it is always helpful to know how the game works before you start playing. Good preparation is always essential. Knowing how to operate the game increases your chances of winning!

The game is operated with a minimum number of buttons. You can find these buttons on the right side of the playing field. The “STAKE” button serves to place your bet. You can decide this entirely for yourself! The minimum bet with the game is €0.20, and the maximum bet is €20; you can only drive it as crazy as you want! After placing the bet, you can spin the reels. You do this by clicking on the green button with the white arrow. Does this all sound a bit too complicated for you? Then check out our other slots online games.

How reliable is Slot Vegas Megaquads?

We at Bonuslots have good experiences playing Slot Vegas Megaquads. It seems more than reliable to us. It is again another Big Time Gaming game just like Bonanza Megaways and Big Time Gaming always does well, in our opinion. They focus on the serious gambler. With an RTP of 96.59%, they are high compared to other video slots. With its significant variations and increased chances of winning, we think it’s a fun and suitable game to play.

The Pros and Cons of Slot Vegas Megaquads


  • The first video slot with Megaquads mechanism
  • Almost 17 million different ways to win!
  • A high payout percentage of
  • 4 different slots in 1 Slot Machine!
  • It’s not going to bore you easily


  • It can be a bit overwhelming
  • You have to sit down for it for a while.

What are the odds of Slot Vegas Megaquads?

Slot Vegas Megaquads is the first online slot game with Megaquads with up to 16,777,216 ways to win. Lots huh? This can be done on 4 different slots in 1 slot machine. So you have four playing fields in one. These fields have no less than 4 reels and 4 rows. A total of 64 symbols are present. Each separate playing field has 256 ways to make winning combinations. With an RTP of 96.59%, this game scores quite above average. Your winnings can only go up to 45,000 times your stake! There are many chances of winning with this game in many different ways. In short, the features are good but the chances of winning are also.

At many video slots casinos, one wants to get the free spins as soon as possible. But with this game, you have to deal with it a little differently. At Slot Vegas Megaquads, it is a lot cheaper to get out to the free spins later in the game. The multiplier will be collected at the beginning of each bonus. The final multiplier will be active for the free spins. This can add up quickly! Curious? Then start playing this excellent game!

How does the Slot Vegas Megaquads bonus game work?

This game is slightly different in the bonus round than other slots such as Monopoly Megaways online. At Slot Vegas Megaquads, you don’t want to end up in the bonus round too early. It may sound a little crazy. But if you get into the bonus round too quickly, you’ll miss maximizing free spins with a big start win multiplier. Multipliers are collected at the beginning of each bonus. The multiplier that remains will be active for the free spins. This way it can get up very fast!

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The game Slot Vegas Megaquads Online knows how to stand out well from other slots. With four playing fields in one, you won’t be easily played out or bored. It is an exciting game due to its many chances of winning and great features! Curious? Then don’t wait any longer and start playing this crazy game.

FAQ Slot Vegas Megaquads

It can feel a bit overwhelming at first. But after playing for a while, you’ll get used to it quickly!

In this game, you play with Megaquad’s mechanism. As a result, there are a total of nearly 17 million different ways to win.

Australian playmaker Big Time Gaming produced this game. It is the first slot where the Megaquads mechanism works.

Big Time Gaming came with a new addition, namely the Megaquads. The playing field consists of up to four different slots that can also be combined. This increases the chances of winning.

No, contrary. You spin with four individual sets per spin. So the minimum bet is €0.20 per spin! For a four-reel set, this is not much at all.

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