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Star Clusters Megaclusters

Star Clusters Megaclusters Online is one of the latest game concepts from Big Time Gaming (read our review on developer here). Big Time Gaming). Free spins and increasing win multipliers ensure that no spin is the same throughout the game. The more winning combinations you make, the higher the chance of winning is due to the growing number of playing fields. The game yields a return to player of up to 96.54%, with the chance of up to 23,000 times your stake!

  • New Innovation of Big Time Gaming
  • The playing field can grow up to 256 compartments
  • Chance of free spins and big multipliers
Reliable Provider:

Big Time Gaming is the king of innovation


completely New Concept

Growing Multipliers:

keep increasing your profits!

Free spins bonus:

after 5 winning clusters

Good Return to Player:

96,54% RTP

High variance:

not a single spin is the same

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Star Clusters Megaclusters Online: the very first of its kind!

The Australian slot provider has again pulled out all the stops in creating this new game form: Star Clusters Megaclusters. The creator of the booming worldwide Megaways once again delivers the chance of huge profits. Test your luck from €0.20 per spin by giving the digital lever a pendulum and creating higher chances of winning for yourself. The playing field starts at 16 subjects but can rise to 64, and possibly even 256 compartments. On the other hand, the mega wins are in the free spins rounds. Want to know how to achieve this yourself? Then read on!

How does Star Clusters Megaclusters Online work?

As the name suggests, Star Clusters Megaclusters does not work with pay lines but with clusters consisting of five matching symbols. This is, therefore, the crucial difference with games such as Royal Mint Megaways and other Megaways variants. Each player starts with a playing field of 4 by 4. The field expands to 8 by 8 as soon as you unlock the free spins bonus. By winning a winning combination five times in a row, you can even reach the 16 by 16 mode, but more on that later.

So the goal is to form as many clusters as possible. Once you have a winning combination, these symbols will be replaced by four smaller ones. The game consists of seven gems, a regular star and a gold star. The regular star, or regular wild, acts as a joker and can be combined with any symbol. The gold star, also known as the gold wild, works the same but increases the win multiplier.

With an RTP of 96.54%, the average is slightly above the 95-96% RTP of other games. In the ideal situation, you will receive up to 23,000 times your stake, with possible bets ranging from €0.20 to €20, but be aware of the medium to high variance, or volatility, during the game sometimes cause gains to fall for a while. If luck is on your side, the bonus game will deliver by far the most.

The symbols and design of Star Cluster Megaclusters Online

Star Clusters Megaclusters brings a relatively discreet and straightforward theme. Characteristics of Big Time Gaming are more subtle visual effects have been used. No over-the-top effects can be found in this slot. An example of this is the background color that changes to the color of a winning combination as soon as it is created. In addition, the slot machine is excellent on the eye, with pleasant colors and the use of intuitive gauges. The sound effects are not bothersome but provide a remarkably soothing effect during the exciting spins.

Like many other slots, Star Clusters Megaclusters also ranks the symbols in the game. Turquoise and yellow are worth the least, followed by orange and green. Purple is worth the most, with red at number two and blue in third place.

The two wilds in the game can be used anywhere if they help form a winning combination. Each golden game adds another x1 to the win multiplier, but only a maximum of two gold wilds are possible per spin.

Is Star Clusters Megaclusters Online Reliable?

Big Time Gaming, creator of games like Bonanza Megaways and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Megaways, is known for its high quality and innovation in terms of its slots. Several influential authorities have indicated their confidence in Big Time Gaming so that you can rake money in behind the slots without any worries! A sensible Bonuslots, on the other hand, reads well about online slots before they plunge into this! Not convinced of the reliability of this game provider? Then feel free to read on Big Time Gaming.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Star Clusters Megaclusters Online


  • High Max Win: Up to 23,000 times your stake!
  • The renowned game maker is known for high win multipliers
  • A huge playing field increases your chances of winning


  • Pretty standard theme
  • Hard to understand at the start due to the fast pace

What does Megaclusters yield?

The relatively high RTP of 96.54% at Star Clusters Megaways Online brings high expectations. On the other hand, gains can be expected due to the relatively high variance of these Megaclusters. Therefore, it is also essential not to let yourself demotivate while playing this slot because large amounts can sometimes come from an unexpected angle. Since the maximum bet is €20, everyone can take a gamble with this slot.

Free Spins Mode: Make five winning combinations for a vast playing field!

To activate the free spins mode, you need to create five consecutive clusters. Here you start with a playing field of 8 by 8, but the basic symbols are replaced with four new symbols with a winning combination. In the end, it is, therefore, possible to unlock a playing field 16 by 16 for even more wins. These are 256 compartments! Initially, you would receive two free spins when you unlock the Free Spins mode, but you will receive an additional free spin for each winning combination after the unlock. Each time the win multiplier taps the x10 during the game, you’ll receive an extra two free spins!

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To the stars and beyond!

Star Clusters Megaclusters Online is an exciting slot with a high return to player and the first of its kind. While the game’s high variance can occasionally provide unpredictable results, the free spins and high multipliers ensure that every turn remains exciting. The new concept will not be of interest to everyone, as it can be pretty overwhelming for some at the start because of its fast pace. Despite that, you’ll be on the edge of your seat at every turn. Curious if you can unlock the enormously profitable playing field of up to 256 subjects? Play Star Clusters Megaclusters Online here!

FAQ Star Clusters Megaclusters

Star Clusters Megaclusters requires a minimum bet of 20 euro cents, with a maximum of 20 euro. This makes the videoslot accessible to everyone!

This slot has a relatively simple design with no clear theme. This allows you to entirely focus on the new gaming technology of Big Time Gaming.

The return to player of this slot is approximately 96.54%. This puts it above the average of 96%.

Yes! Once you form a winning combination five times in a row within a turn, you will trigger the free spins bonus. In this case, the playing field can even expand to 256 compartments!

Don’t assume that. This slot has a medium to high variance, so in some cases, it may take a while to see your winnings.

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