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Sticky Bandits Wild Return

Sticky Bandits Wild Return Online is a sequel to the original game Sticky Bandit, from the developer Quickspin, released in 2017. This game amazed everyone with its fantastic graphics and the cool western theme for a video slot. However, at that time, it was not up to the then-dominating Western classic ‘Dead or Alive’ by the developer NetEnt.

  • Two bonus features
  • Beautiful visuals
  • Always fun western theme
High RTP:


Two Bonus Features:

bonus feature by sticky wilds 'Lucky Shot Free Spins' and ' Slot Machine Round'

Lucky Shot Free Spin:

a feature that makes the game very fun and exciting

Slot Machine round:

an extra round where you can win 500 times your bet at once.


Sticky Bandits Wild Return Online was created by Quickspin, a dedicated slot game developer

Bet Range:

the betting options per spin are between 0.20 and 100 euro

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Have you been curious about playing Sticky Bandits Wild Return Online and want to play directly? In this review, you can read all about this game, how it works, how reliable it is, the pros and cons, how the bonus round is triggered, and how big the chances of winning are.

Sticky Bandits Wild Return Online has a similar appearance to its predecessor. However, the quality of the visuals has increased enormously due to high-quality animations. The developer has also added fun characters, which are brought to life. The game was developed by the software company Quickspin, also known for the games Big Bad Wolf and King Colossus.

How does Sticky Bandits Wild Return Online work?

When you want to start playing Sticky Bandits Wild Return Online, it’s time to know the rules of the game. This is how you increase your chances of winning!

When the game is loaded, several buttons appear at the bottom of the playing field. With these buttons, you can spin the reels and place a bet. Easy, huh? That makes this slot machine accessible to novice players.

Is the game loaded? Then you can immediately start playing and placing your bet. Placing your bet is done with the “Total Bet” button. The game has a wide betting range of 0.20 euro to 100 euro. Once you have placed the bet, you can start playing for prizes. Do you want to spin the 5 reels? Then press the orange button with the white arrow. When the roles have come to a standstill, you can place your bet again.

How Reliable Is Sticky Bandits Wild Return Online?

Following our research, we at Bonuslots can conclude that Sticky Bandits Wild Return Online is a reliable game to play. Of course, this is provided that the provider (the online casino) has not tampered with it. The software developer behind this game, Quickspin, has an extensive portfolio with more than 70 video slots now. This company has been developing games for the online gambling industry for years and uses a random number generator. This means that everything that happens in the game is entirely random. Also, the game has a great profit benefit rate. 

We must add that the prizes to be won (1,145 your stake) and the variance of this game are on the low side. There are also online video slots where you can win back your bet more often, such as Reactoonz of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Megaways Online. However, the game is visually very nicely displayed. We are, therefore, moderately enthusiastic about this game.

The game is a nice change on the standard video slot, and won’t get bored anytime soon. If you are looking for that, we at Bonuslots recommend this game. If you are looking for an online slot where you can win bigger cash prizes, check out our other online casino games!

What are the pros and cons of Sticky Bandits Wild Return Online?


  • The game includes two bonus features
  • The Lucky Shot Free Spins make the game very exciting
  • The Slot Machine round is a nice extra addition that can bring great prizes
  • The game is graphically beautifully displayed
  • The game is a nice variation on the standard online video slot
  • The betting range is spacious, from 0.20 euros to 100, – euro per spin
  • The game can be played on both desktop and mobile phone


  • The game has, compared to other western slots, slight variation
  • The maximum win is 1,145 times the stake, which can be considered low
  • The game has no jackpot to win
  • It is not possible to reload the Lucky Shot Free Spin
  • The game does not use a multiplier

What are the chances of winning Sticky Bandits Wild Return Online?

As indicated earlier, this game’s profit benefit rate, also known as RTP, is 96.22%. This is a relatively high percentage for an online slot. If you’re lucky with you, you can win up to 1,145 times your bet in this game, which is quite low. We at Bonuslots want to advise players always to take responsible gambling into account. Are you interested in online gambling and want to know how this works exactly? Read more on our blog page. Keep an eye on this page for updates with helpful tips!

How do the Lucky Shot Free Spins work?

Free spins are also used within Sticky Bandits Wild Return Online. When you make sure to spin three scattered bonus symbols, you get seven Lucky Shot Free Spins as a bonus feature. During this bonus round, there is only more money to be won.

You get a Lucky Shot Free Spin when a mega bandit appears. Next, you need to ensure that your Lucky Shot hits a regular (small) bandit symbol. If successful, the regular bandit symbol will turn into a ‘sticky wild’ for the rest of the Lucky Shot Free Spin.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to reload the Lucky Shot Free Spins. Therefore, we recommend that you hit the regular bandit symbols as soon as possible so that you can activate as many sticky wilds as possible.

How does the Slot Machine bonus round work?

In addition to the Lucky Shot Free Spins, Sticky Bandits Wild Return has a bonus feature in-store. An old-school mechanical coin slot symbol may emerge on the fifth reel of the video slot. You will switch to this automatic coin slot machine to throw in 3 coins when this happens. In doing so, you have a chance to win a prize up to 500 times your total bet per spin.

The winning options at this Slot Machine bonus round are:

  • 3 times the ‘7’ ensures 500 times your bet
  • 3 times the horseshoe ensures 80 times your stake
  • 3 times’ BAR ‘ensures 20 times your stake
  • 3 times another symbol ensures 8 times your bet
  • 2 times the remaining symbol ensures 6 times your bet
  • once the remaining symbol ensures once your bet

What are the winning symbols at Sticky Bandits Wild Return Online?

During the game, the symbols to look out for are the wilds, the (mega) bandits, whiskey, and cigars. These are high-value symbols and pay 2- to 10 times the total bet when five-of-a-kind is made.

The standard symbols are the Farmer (J), Woman (Q), King (K), and Ace (A) that are familiar to everyone from card games. These symbols will cause small wins. For example, a five-of-a-kind with any of these symbols will generate prizes between 1- and 1.25 times of the bet.

What can be gained with Sticky Bandits Wild Return Online?

With this game, you can bet between 0.20 euro and 100 euro. Sticky Bandits Wild Return Online has a set containing 5 reels and four rows of symbols, which change in height for each spin. Together, the reels and rows have 40 fixed paylines.

In addition, the profit benefit rate of 96.2% can be called good. It will be possible to make the side note that the prizes are not mega high compared to other video slots because you can win back up to 1,145 times your stake. Also, the variance with this game is on the low side.

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Are you curious about Sticky Bandits Wild Return Online?

Sticky Bandits Wild Return Online is the game for the most feared bandit or the most potent sheriff. This online video slot won’t bore you if you prefer to have been born in the wild west. Play Sticky Bandits Wild Return Online here! You can play this game on both your desktop and mobile phone. We at Bonuslots advise all players to take responsible gambling into account at all times.

FAQ Sticky Bandits Wild Return

Sticky Bandits Wild Return Online’s RTP is just over 96%. In addition, the game has 40 different winning lines.

You can win your stake back up to 1,145 times. You can do this by getting high symbols, hitting the Lucky Shots, and making the right combinations at the Slot Machine bonus round.

Sticky Bandits Wild Return Online is a sequel to the first part, ‘Sticky Bandits.’ The original game was released when several Western-themed video slots came out, such as the world-famous ‘Dead or Alive’ by the software developer NetEnt.

Sticky Bandits Wild Return’s control is entirely the same as that of another standard online video slot. When you read carefully about the Lucky Shot Free Spins and the Slot Machine bonus round on this page and are familiar with the control of an online video slot, you are ready to play.

The bet ranges from the €0.20 minimum bet to the €100 maximum bet.

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