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That’s Rich

The That’s Rich Online slot mainly centers around a pretty spoiled lady. The lady is reminiscent of a luxury horse, a type that hangs out in Ibiza during the holidays. But the question is: can the lady also make you as a player pretty rich in addition to herself?

The RTP varies: by default, the RTP is 96.27%. However, some casinos can set a different RTP themselves. With a minimum bet of 0.10 euros and a maximum bet of 100 euros per spin, each player has a fair bet. Therefore, you have the greatest opportunity to grab large amounts of money at the free spins, with a maximum of 10,000 times your stake.

  • Luxurious slot
  • Nicely elaborated: detailed
  • For the real gambler: fairly high variance
Fun Free Spins:

where Large Amounts Can Fall!

Fine elaborated theme:

nice luxury

For every player:

straightforward gameplay

For the real gambler:

high variance

Progressive multipliers:

for more fun

Autoplay function:

also for the people who want to sit back

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That’s Rich Online Play: The Life of a Luxury Horse

We’re in Ibiza, Monaco, Saint-Tropez, Nice: it doesn’t matter where we are. Without a doubt, we can say that we are in a very luxurious place. Play’n Go slots have delivered a chic slot with the That’s Rich Online slot. The central figure is the lady: no doubt with a fat bank account played by her sugar daddy. With a cocktail in her hand, she looks at you in a somewhat arrogant and pedantic way. You can look out to an infinity pool and the sea on a fairytale balcony while playing this slot. Bonuslots has picked a thing or two to enable you whether this lock suits you fully. The operation, reliability, pros and cons, bonus game; you’ll read it all in the article below.

That’s Rich Online Play: How Does It Work?

That’s Rich Online is set in a luxury place. Everything you expect from a luxury lady can be reflected in the game: a big pile of money, a luxurious yacht, a big villa, and she’s even on the cover of a fashion magazine. In addition to the symbols, the luxurious position has been translated back into the decor of the That’s Rich Online slot: lush leaves, satin curtains, and a cooling sea with a swimming pool.

You bet with a fixed amount per spin, which runs from 0.10 euro to 100 euro. There are 5 reels, each containing 3 symbols. It’s up to you to get as many combinations as possible, starting from the left side of your screen. Theoretically, the RTP is 96.27%, fine, you would think. But beware: online casinos can also set 94.30% or even 91.29% to set a Return To Player. Do you want an RTP that does not deviate and is also higher than that of That’s Rich Online? Then try Royal Mint Megaways, Survivor Megaways, or Money Train 2.

What symbols do you encounter at That’s Rich Online?

With a luxury slot, completely logical, also includes luxurious symbols. The lady is central to this game. This lady has the wildcard function: she thus connects all symbols except the scatter symbols. The spoiled horse can also take an expanding shape. That’s Rich Online is, of course, a luxury slot, so there may also be luxury payouts. The regular values on the card games of 10 to ace can be good for your bet between 10 and 15 times with 5 symbols.

The other luxury symbols are worth a good number of times your stake. A pack of money will be worth 5 times your stake, where the yacht, the villa, and the shoes can take a value between 25 and 35 times your stake. Being on the cover in a fashion magazine brings a lot of money in real life, including That’s Rich Online. You can see your bet increased by 40x. You can’t hear us complain

Review That’s Rich slot: How reliable is the game?

Play ‘n Go slots, relative to other producers, produce its slots rapidly. The fact that the company has increased its pace considerably does not mean anything about the reliability of the slots. Bonuslots can determine That’s Rich Online slot is a slot machine of reliable quality. Please note: sometimes RTPs at online casinos may differ. The slot machine remains reliable, but there is a possibility of a different payout percentage. So we are pleased with the reliability and quality That’s Rich Online Slot brings: we think it’s a good lock. 

The Pros and Cons of That’s Rich Online in a Nutshell

While deluding on a luxury spot, you’ll also have a try to cash out big time. With a fun free-spin bonus, there is a chance to raise your bank account considerably.


  • Excellent design, well worked out
  • Top Prize: 10,000 times your stake
  • Straightforward gameplay
  • Beautiful multipliers in the regular game


  • No original theme
  • Casinos can customize the RTP
  • Few pay lines

That’s Rich Online Slot Winning Odds

The standard RTP of the That’s Rich Online slot is 96.27%. This number is just above the industry average. But beware: other casinos can handle other RTPs, of 94.30% and 91.29%. Again, this is quite below, so we strongly recommend that you first look at the RTP of the relevant casino before playing.

There are 10 pay lines at That’s Rich Online, no very high number. You can play your bet from 0.10 euro to 100 euro, so there is an amount for each. You are only going to cash a lot when you activate the bonus round. Your bet can be multiplied by a maximum of 10,000x, so not wrong. Do you like slots that have an even higher maximum payout? Then try Medaillon Megaways or Royal Mint Megaways. What’s more, are you already attracted to the overall Megaways concept? We wrote an excellent article about it.

The That’s Rich Online slot is pretty fast and has relatively high volatility. This means that your outcomes can fluctuate, so your balance can run out quickly. Therefore, always gamble wisely and responsibly.

Is the luxury That’s Rich slot exudes can also be seen in the bonus game?

Like almost every slot, the real thrill starts with the bonus round. The overall concept of That’s Rich Online isn’t very exciting, but the bonus round cancels this. You must spin at least 3 scatter symbols, the trophy, to trigger the bonus. Here, you will receive 5 free spins, with the arrogant lady’s protagonist unfolding over the entire reel. Will you receive a trophy during the bonus round? Then you get 2 free spins. The only downside to this bonus is that there is a maximum of 20 free spins, but this is entirely over-classed by the overall experience of the bonus round.

Progressive multipliers for more fun

After each winning combination, you will receive x1 more your multiplier. So you can cash out while playing the bonus round of the That’s Rich Online slot.

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That’s Rich Online Slot: Final Verdict of Bonuslots

As you know, Bonuslots tries to write an objective review about each slot. However, we have to admit that the That’s Rich Online Slot is not our favorite slot. But, there are also quite a few benefits to playing That’s Rich Online. For example, it is a straightforward slot, which can make decent payments in the regular rounds. And, the bonus game is beautiful; you are nailed to your screen given the tension that the slot brings. All in all, Quick ‘n Go slots produced a great slot game where you will undoubtedly have a fun playing experience!

FAQ That’s Rich

You can win a maximum of 10,000 times your stake, so don’t be wrong. Do you spin the lady 5 times with a multiplier of 20? Then you can count on a significant increase in your cash balance.

The RTP varies per casino, the standard rate is 96.27%. This can vary up to 91.29%. So pay attention to playing the slot machine. However, the rate of the casino in question applies.

Sure. This will trigger 3 or more scatters, which take the form of a trophy, and end up on your screen.

The theme concerns luxury. This can be seen in several aspects of the slot machine: the symbols, the central figure, and the background.

Absolutely. The game has straightforward gameplay, so novice and experienced gamblers can join this game.

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