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Tsai Shen’s Gift

Tsai Shen’s Gift Online is a slot game with a new and exciting theme: Chinese mythology. Tsai Shen is the god of prosperity in mythology, so it makes sense that Playtech has chosen this figure as a central theme. Tsai Shen’s Gift Online has a 96.50% return to the player, more than acceptable. Bets are made at the online slot machine with a minimum of 0.25 euro and a maximum of 500 euro. Furthermore, Tsai Shen’s Gift Online has a high variance: the results of your spins will vary considerably from each other. With such a high variance, it is also logical that the maximum multiplier is not very high: 2,000 times your stake. In total, you’ll play Tsai Shen’s Gift Online on a playing field of 5 by 3, which has a total of 50 pay lines.

  • High variance: each spin is different
  • High range of bets: for each player
Many features:

for a more fun gameplay

High RTP:

96.50% is higher than the average

High variance:

each spin is different

Extensive range of betting options:

suitable for each player

Original theme:

from our knowledge it has been never copied

Atmospheric slot machine:

includes audio

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Tsai Shen’s Gift Play: Chinese Mythology

Many slot manufacturers are delivering online slots at a fast pace. The Playtech company is taking things a little slower, but when it produces a lock, it’s always of exceptionally high quality, including at Tsai Shen’s Gift Online. Their slots are all so-called ‘branded slots.’ The company links a particular theme to this, in this case, Chinese Mythology.

Tsai Shen’s Gift Online is a fantastic slot machine. Not only because of the exceptional theme, which slot machine has Chinese mythology, but mainly because of its layout, graphic details, and atmospheric audio. All in all, it’s a great online slot game to play. Not only the slot machine in terms of characteristics is excellent, but also the gameplay. You have free spins, wilds, a jackpot, and you can already earn a lot of big wins in the base game.

The workings of Tsai Shen’s Gift Online

Tsai Shen’s Gift Online is a beautiful slot game and contains cool stylized symbols, cool background, and flavoring audio. We can’t help but determine that, in this area, Playtech has made a superb online slot game. Do you like exotic-themed slots? Then check out our reviews about 1,001 Nights, Blazin Bullfrog, or Book of Kings.

Tsai Shen’s used to be the god of prosperity, so we also hope that the best god can bring you some prosperity. Tsai Shen’s Gift Online has pretty straightforward gameplay. In total, there are 5 reels with 3 symbols per reel and a total of 50 paylines. You win by getting 3 (or more) identical symbols on your screen. The maximum multiplier associated with Tsai Shen’s Gift Online is 2,000 times your stake.

You bet at Tsai Shen’s Gift Online with a fixed amount per spin, which runs from 0.25 euros to 500 euros: so there are amounts suitable for almost every player that suits the person. Furthermore, you are also good in terms of RTP at Tsai Shen’s Gift Online, which has a value of 96.50%.

The symbols of Tsai Shen’s Gift Slot

The symbols are beautifully designed. The 10 to Ace are designed in traditional letters and value between 3 and 40x your bet. Of course, this depends on how often they come on your screen. The mid-range is the envelope and the pink lantern, worth between 3 and 50 x your bet. The bag of money and the baby on a fish are collectively the higher segments, representing values between 3 and 75x your stake. Furthermore, our best Tsai Shen is the wildcard, the scatter is the sea lion, and the pearl embodies the bonus.

Tsai Shen’s Gift review: Reliability

Tsai Shen’s Gift Online is a product of the Playtech company. We can see that this company from Estonia has been the market leader in the industry for a long time. Although the company consistently delivers quality, the branded slots have a certain characteristic. The company has won multiple awards over the years because of the reliability of its slots. All in all, we can determine that Tsai Shen’s Gift is a reliable lock.

The pros and cons of Tsai Shen’s Gift Online

Tsai Shen’s Gift is a fun slot game anyway. Perhaps the first thoughts when reviewing the online slot machine might be somewhat strange due to the theme. However, it is an innovative theme that you don’t often find with online slots.


  • Atmospheric and unique slot machine
  • Jackpot and free spin round
  • Lots of wilds and mega symbols
  • High RTP


  • It May contain too high volatility for some
  • No high maximum multiplier

What are the chances of winning the Tsai Shen’s Gift Slot?

By looking at the RTP, you can discover the theoretical payout percentage. The RTP of Tsai Shen’s Gift Online is 96.50%, which is significant. The industry average is 96%. Slots like Zeus Slots, Vikings Slots, and Narcos Video Slots have a lower RTP. Moreover, it is quite exceptional that the RTP of Tsai Shen’s Gift Online is so high because the variance is also very high.

You bet at Tsai Shen’s Gift Online with a fixed amount per spin, which runs from 0.25 euros to 500 euros, so there is a suitable amount for every player to bet. Furthermore, the maximum multiplier is also a point of attention. At Tsai Shen’s Gift Online, this is 2,000 times your stake, not particularly high.

You play the Tsai Shen’s Gift Slot on a 5 by 3 playing field, with 50 pay lines in total. You can win by descending 3 or more identical symbols on your screen. If you suddenly win a good amount, there is a chance that you will have to pay tax. So keep that in mind.

How Does the Bonus of Tsai Shen’s Gift Online

The Playtech company has worked out quite well with the online slot game bonus. The free spin bonus triggers by obtaining 3 scatter symbols. You start with 6 free spins. Then 3 reels are randomly chosen, with a 3×3 Mega symbol on them. Mega scatters are rewarded with 3 extra spins, and the Mega Pearl results in a payout of 5-50x your stake.

The Fire Blaze Respin bonus activates by spinning 6 scatters. The scatters, the pearls become sticky while all symbols on the reels are replaced with pearls or empty spaces. You start with 3 spins, and every time you land a pearl, they become sticky too. All scatter symbols have a monetary value or a jackpot. All values are added together at the end of the round, and your profit will be formed. If you’ve won the jackpot pearls, you can grab one of the following prizes. The Mini results in 20 x your stake, the Minor 100x your stake, the Major 500x your stake, and the Grand 2,000 times your stake. Only the latter is not on the pearls; you win this by filling all 15 compartments on the reels.

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Tsai Shen’s Gift review: Final verdict

In Tsai Shen’s Gift, we can detect a few drawbacks. The online slot machine may have too high a variance for some, and the maximum multiplier is relatively low. But yes, who is complaining about 2,000x your stake. In addition, you can already get some fat wins in the base game, and the gameplay is fine. The atmosphere in the slot machine is ultimate and is capped with good audio. Plus, the bonuses make a taste for more, and you hope you can get your hands on one of the lucrative jackpots. All in all, we are sure of Tsai Shen’s Gift Online and give the online slot machine a big 7.5!

FAQ Tsai Shen’s Gift

The theme of the online slot game is Chinese mythology. Tsai Shen is the Chinese god of prosperity.

The online slot game has 5 reels and 3 symbols per reel. In total, there are 50 pay lines, and you win by getting 3 or more identical symbols.

The return to player is 96.50%. The industry average is 96%, so in the case of Tsai Shen’s Gift, this is an absolute advantage.

 Even two! The free spins are triggered by getting 3 scatters. The Fire Blazin Respin Bonus is triggered by spinning 6 scatters, and here you may win one of the jackpots.

The online slot game can be played on a laptop, desktop, or when you’re on the go on your phone.

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