Cent minimal per line
Euro maximum of coins per line

Twin Spin

Everybody likes a bit of nostalgia, right? If you do as well, Twin Spin Online is perfect for you! Twin Spin has a very high RTP of 96,61% which isn’t so bad, is it? It offers challenges for everyone to make sure it doesn’t get boring easily. It’s almost like you’re going back in time with all the classic symbols included in the game. Did I make you a little curious? Start playing Twin Spin Online right away.

  • A real classic due to its classic symbols
  • High chance of winning
  • Easy to play
High winning odds

Several rolls are connected at every spin!

Special feature

For everyone that likes a little nostalgia

User friendly

Nice and easy to play.

For low bets

Starting at 0,25 cent

For the high rollers

Maximum bet of €125

High RTP

A whopping 96.6%

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Twin Spin Online: another classic!

Everyone that likes a bit of nostalgia, will like Twin Spin Online. The lay-out that you may recognize from the Fruit Slot Machine at your favorite bar or café, has been preserved perfectly. With the known authentic symbols such as the cherries, diamonds, and sevens (777), you’d think you’re 30 years back in time! And because of this fact, players will always feel more comfortable when playing Twin Spin, even though the game still is a fun challenge for the newer players.

Twin Spin en Cluster Pays; how does it work exactly?

Twin Spin Online has a relatively clear design. This online Slot Machine has 5 reels, 3 rows and no winning lines. The game owes its name to the special feature ‘linked reels’ or ‘twin reel’. At every spin two reels are connected, which makes two identical symbols appear. These symbols can be seen as a twin pair, which makes it a Twin Spin.

Other than that the game really isn’t that difficult. The game’s purpose is to get as many identical symbols as possible on your playfield. Each symbol’s worth speaks for its own. The letters A, K, Q and J which we know from card games, are processed in the game as well. Just as in card games the A is worth the most, and the J the least. Though the symbols have their own specific order; diamond, seven, bar, bell, and cherry.

Twin Spin’s makers have chosen to use a ‘Cluster Plays’ mechanism. Which means that the only way to win is to get at least nine identical symbols in a row. Be aware: in a row means horizontally, and vertically. So diagonally does not count. The fun thing about Cluster Plays is having a bigger playfield. You’ll only receive the maximum prize when you get 30 identical symbols on your screen. With this the diamond will be the best paying symbol.

How trustworthy is Twin Spin Online?

The game Twin Spin is originating from Netent. This Swedish company often releases new video slots. We at DutchGamblers have a lot of experience with playing Netent’s games. It is a large and familiar company, and according to our experience it’s also very reliable. Though always read the online gambling risks before you start. This way you’ll be fully prepared to play your favorite games!

Twin Spin Online, Pro’s & con’s;


  • Anyone can play
  • High odds of winning
  • Trustworthy


  • A diagonal line of identical symbols does not count in this Slot Machine

Winners odds when playing Twin Spin Online

Twin Spin online correlates with a high risk Slot Machine meaning it can make you a lot of money. This slot machine in particular has an RTP of 96,61%, not bad right? The winning odds are all over the system. The identical symbols in a row and successive roles usually make for the biggest prizes. The Twin feature can spread out of nowhere, meaning there will be more rolls cloning! In total there are 243 ways to win. We’re not complaining!

Betting at Twin Spin Online

Twin Spin Online requires a minimal bet of 0,25 cents. Other than that it’s up to you to decide the worth of your credits. The maximum bet per spin goes up to 125,- per spin! Total winnings can go up to 270.000 credits, which means you could (with a maximum bet) win 135.000,- with a game of Twin Spin Online. This makes the Twin Spin a ‘high risk, high reward’ Slot Machine. You win serious money if you get big identical symbols clusters. Even bigger when they’re symbols of high worth. In addition, the game has a generous payout percentage of 96,61 percent. This means that whenever someone bets 100.000,- on this Slot Machine, the casino will only get 3.600,- to themselves. This may sound like quite a lot, but relatively this is not much. Then there’s always the chance to win the Big Win. To give you a little impression on what kind of big wins you can get with Twin Spin Online, you can watch the following video.


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Twin Spin online via the partners of DutchGambler

Twin Spin Online, and the relatively new version of Twin Spin deluxe, have only become more popular in recent years. It is a recognizable and fun slot machine that works straight forward. The gameplay is clear and you can spend up to an hour without even knowing it. Due to the generous payout rate and the chance of Big Wins with the Cluster Pays mechanism, this game has become a true classic. Experienced enthusiasts can enjoy it and it is a challenging starter for beginning players. Due to the wide range of Twin Spin Online, it is not always clear which online casinos offer the most reliable version of the game. We at DutchGamblers have a heart for gambling and casino culture, and hate online scammers. That is why our specialists are busy checking and assessing online casinos every day for issues such as reliability and customer friendliness. For example, we were able to make a selection of the best Twin Spin Online providers. Do you want to play your favorite game via a reliable platform? Then choose the authorized partners of DutchGamblers. This way, you can be sure that you are not being scammed and so you can also practice your hobby online, with peace of mind. Curious about our company and our services? Or do you simply want more information about online gambling? Please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you. By the way, if you want to stay up to date with all developments in the online gambling world, check out our DutchGamblers blog page regularly! Here, our experts will keep you up to date with trends and tips.

FAQ Twin Spin

Twin spin online has a minimum bet of €0,25 cents. You can determine the value of your credits yourself. You can already set the maximum bet up to 125 per spin.

The RTP of Twin Spin online is around 96%. This means that every €100,000 that is wagered on the cabinet, the casino is left with only €3600. This game has no paylines.

Twin spin has 5 reels, 3 rows and no paylines. The goal of this game is to see as many of the same symbols as possible on your playing field.

In the game, you have the letters A, K, Q and J. Like the card game, A has the highest value and J has the lowest value. In addition, you have a number of other symbols. This is the order from highest to lowest: diamond, seven, bar, bell and cherry.

A Cluster Pays mechanism means that if you win, you have collected at least nine identical symbols connected to your screen.

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