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Valley of the Gods

Yggdrasil is back again with an exciting online slot game. Valley of the Gods is an online video slot set in Ancient Egypt. The hieroglyphics, gods, and the sand fly around your ears. Once again, the developer tried very hard to put an excellent slot machine for us, and they did it. From the moment the game is loading, an impressive cut scene takes you to the Valley of the Gods.

  • Very high-quality graphics
  • 3,125 different ways to grab winnings
  • Mythological theme
Maximum Win:



96.2% Return to Player Percentage (RTP)

Additional Features:

respins and Changing Playing Field

Ways to Win:

between 45 and 3,126 Ways to Win


ancient Egyptian, Mythologically

Changing Playing Field:

the playing field grows as you progress

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Defeat the Gods and win beautiful prizes in Valley of the Gods

Valley of the Gods is an online video slot that makes you one with the ancient gods of Egypt. This epic takes you to the valley, where you come face to face with Horus and Anubis. Where these divine beings came from and whether they have existed will remain the eternal discussion. We know for sure that this online slot will gobble you up again in the past antiquity of the pharaohs and pyramids.

How does Valley of the Gods work?

Valley of the Gods has a way of playing that the more experienced players will recognize. The deviating construction of the reels has been incorporated into several online slots. The playing field is constructed with 1 symbol on the 1st reel, 3 symbols on the 2nd reel, 5 symbols on the middle (3rd) reel, 3 symbols on the 4th reel, and 1 symbol on the 5th reel. The rest of the places where symbols can stand are shielded. When you score a winning combination, more and more positions for symbols will be released.

At Valley of the Gods, you use credits. These are coins to which you as a player assign a value yourself. Then you will play with these credits. The value of these credits may vary between €0.01 and €100. The highest-paying symbols with this online video slot are Anubis and Horus. Both symbols are worth 500 credits. You also have multipliers that can make for very lovely wins during the game.

What are the chances of winning at Valley of the Gods?

With a profit benefit rate of 96.2%, Valley of the Gods has a very nice RTP. The RTP is always shown in a percentage because this figure represents the average that a player can, theoretically, win back as a win from an (online) slot game. Therefore, the higher this percentage is, the more interesting the game should be to the player. In addition, a multiplier is active during the game that can ensure that the prizes are multiplied by the number of times.

In addition to the profit benefit percentage, you also have to deal with a medium variance at Valley of the Gods. The variance of a gambling game is also known as volatility. The volatility of an online gambling game is the degree of spread of a range of different values. In other words, this is the extent to which the values can differ from each other. The higher the variance is in a gambling game, the more the mutual values will vary, and the more it will be off the average. The variance at Valley of the Gods is not mega high, so you can assume that the results will be pretty average.

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How reliable is Valley of the Gods?

According to us, Valley of the Gods is a reliable slot machine from Big Time Gaming. Yggdrasil is an online slot developer that has been involved in the online gambling industry for a long time. They have already proven a lot in this market and have been one of the big names in the development of online slot games for a long time. Yggdrasil already has an extensive collection of fun online slot games. As the competition within the market, Yggdrasil is still hard at work, complementing their portfolio with fun games. This online video slot uses a Random Number Generator (RNG). By the way, all the other online slot games that can be found on our website also do this. This generator ensures randomness in the game. This means that everything that happens in the online slot machine is not preconceived by the developer, and therefore takes place randomly.

What are the pros and cons of Valley of the Gods?


  • Valley of the Gods is a complete online slot game. However, in its entirety, there is little to note.
  • When the playing field is cleared, the game’s second act starts. Again, scarabs are spared for multipliers and lives.
  • The game is graphical of high quality and very nicely displayed.
  • The profit benefit rate, also called RTP, of Valley of the Gods, is excellent at 96.2.


  • It will take some getting used to playing with lives for some. This concept has been used in online slots before but is not used very often.

How do the respins work at Valley of the Gods?

As you have already read, Valley of the Gods starts with a somewhat special layout of the playing field. Some symbols are visible in a diamond shape on the playing field. Stone blocks cover the rest with the silhouette of a scarab on it. The scarab is an ancient Egyptian ornamental object that was used, among other things, as an amulet or seal depicting a pill beetle.

When the game starts, and you take the first winning combination, a number of these scarab stones will pop apart, making more symbols visible. Then, when you have a winning combination, you will receive a respin.

When you go through a bit and get all the scarab stones broken, you will play on a playing field of 5 reels and 5 rows. Once you have succeeded, each winning spin will issue a blue or red scarab. The blue scarab is captured by Anubis and the red by Horus. When you have saved 5 of the blue scarabs, the multiplier will go +1. There is no limit on this, which means this multiplier can run up infinitely. When your multiplier is at 7, it means that all wins you pick from then on will be multiplied by 7. This can therefore also ensure that prices can increase considerably during these respins.

Of course, this only sounds beneficial. Of course, as with all other slot games, there is a catch somewhere. Which one exactly? Is it coming? Valley of the Gods uses a system that can run out of your lives. When your lives run out, the whole game will go back to the beginning, and so it’s game over. However, it is possible to save lives. You do this by saving the red scarabs. Horus saves these. The lives work the same as the multipliers; when you have saved 5 of the red scarabs, you get 1 life. Life in ancient Egypt is not always about roses, more about scarabs.

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Are you curious about Valley of the Gods?

Valley of the Gods is another delicious e online slot from Yggdrasil. The fun respin feature adds an extra entertaining dimension to the game. This online slot machine is also suitable for both experienced players and beginners. However, the layout and play mode is not the most standard.

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FAQ Valley of the Gods

The RTP, also known as the profit benefit rate, is 96.2% at Valley of the Gods. This is an excellent percentage compared to other online slots. This means that the chances of winning from this game are pretty high for the player.

The betting range used at Valley of the Gods is fairly broad. Per round, it is possible to bet between €0.25 and €100.

 At first, you can get profits from Valley of the Gods in 45 different ways. However, you are freeing up more and more space on the playing field. You do this by turning in winning combinations. When you spin a winning combination, several extra boxes will be released where symbols end up. This continues as long as the entire 5 playfields have been cleared 5 times. Once successful, there are 3,125 different ways to win.

This online video slot is possible to win up to €580,000. Of course, this is unique, primarily due to the medium variance. As a result, it isn’t easy to win this price in practice. What is a lot more realistic are between €500 and €3000. But, of course, these are also very nice amounts.

There are no bonus spins round. However, there is a respin after each winning combination. Of course, this allows you to win very nice prizes.

There are multipliers in this online slot machine. These multipliers can make you grow up infinitely, so you can win nice prizes. The multipliers are increased in value by saving blue scarabs.

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