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Wild Toro 2

Wild Toro 2 Online is a highly detailed slot machine produced by ELK Studios. Where ordinary people have an aversion to bullfights and everything to do with it, Wild Toro 2 Online is all about the big animal’s hatred against the red canvases. Wild Toro 2 Online has an RTP of 95% playing on a square in a cozy Spanish village. You bet with a fixed amount per spin which can run from 0.20 euro to 100 euro. Chances are most likely to cash the most during the buy a bonus, which you can purchase. The maximum multiplier is 10,000 times your stake. Wild Toro 2 Online also has a medium variance, so the fluctuations between your payouts will not be huge.

  • Unique theme, bullfights don’t often appear in slots
  • Very nicely worked out, seen in the excellent background
  • You have a wide variety of what you can bet
Unique theme:

bullfights are not common as a theme

For each player a suitable amount to bet:

from 0.20 to 100 euros

Easy gameplay:

Wild Toro 2 Online is easy to play

Improved version of the successor:

and that shows

High maximum multiplier:

10,000 times your stake is not bad

Option to buy bonus:

for even more thrills

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Wild Toro 2 Online Play: an introduction

The ELK Studios company produced wild Toro 2 Online, and we understand why. Wild Toro 1 was a huge success, so, logically, the Swedish company has created an (improved) successor to the online slot machine. Wild Toro 2 Online is an online slot game set in a picturesque Spanish village. With cozy Spanish tunes and attractive market stalls in the background, Wild Toro 2 Online has a great entertainment value. Furthermore, the online slot machine is beautifully graphically displayed so that you will end up in a pleasant atmosphere. Finally, Bonuslots has figured out a thing or two for you about the online slot game: how does it work, the bonuses, the advantages and disadvantages, and, of course, the specialist final verdict. So keep reading above all!

How does the Wild Toro 2 slot work?

Wild Toro 2 Online is a nicely graphically displayed online slot game. You suspect that all players within the online slot machine are holding a typical siesta, but nothing is further true: the Matador and his feared friend the Bull are present on the reels of the online slot machine. Wild Toro 2 Online has an RTP of 95%. This is one of the few minuses the slot has. Would you rather have a slot machine with a higher RTP? Then try Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Megaways, Sticky Bandits Wilds Return, or Mega Moolah.

The maximum multiplier you can have at Wild Toro 2 Online is 10,000 times your stake. That’s not wrong at all for a slot that‘s easy to play. You could find such a multiplier when you purchase the bonus. You bet with a fixed amount per spin which runs from 0.20 euro to 100 euro; for each one, there is a suitable amount between.

Wild Toro 2 Online has 5 reels, each with 5 symbols. You win by obtaining 3 (or more, of course) identical symbols starting from the left side. In total, the online slot machine has 259 ways to win. 

Diffrence Between Wild Toro 2 and 1

Bonuslots can determine that Wild Toro 2 is an improvement over the predecessor. The only downside is the RTP, reduced from 96.30% to 95%. But other than that, there is almost nothing but improvements. Graphically, the online slot machine has been optimized, working through in the details. In addition, the features have become a lot more exciting so that the online slot game has an improved entertainment value.

The features of Wild Toro 2 Online

Wild Toro 2 Online, unfortunately, doesn’t have a free spin round, but that’s entirely over classed by the fun features that the online slot game has in store for you. With a Spanish-themed slot that deals with bullfighting, of course, the two components are part of this: the bull and the matador. The matador can take two forms: the gold one and the silver. The only difference between these two is that the gold version has progressive multipliers. At 1 matador, you already activate the Expanding Matador Respin Feature. Each matador adds a row of symbols, increasing the number of pay lines by a maximum of 8 rows. As with actual bullfighting, the matador has to dodge the bull, so it takes a step to the left after each spin until it falls off. By the way, you have to hope that the black matador doesn’t come around the corner. This symbol works like a blocker, the opposite of a wild. So that symbol blocks between two symbols.

The second fun feature is the toro, the bull. This is also a walking wild and results in free spins. It also takes a step to the left after each respin until removed from the reels. The most fun aspect of Wild Toro 2 Online happens when you activate Toro Goes Bezerk mode by getting the bull and matador on your screen simultaneously. The Toro, in this case, goes after the matador and every symbol it encounters turns the bull into a wild. If the matador is gold, the symbols will change a progressive multiplier.

Wild Toro 2 Review: How Reliable Is the Online Slot Machine?

Wild Toro 2 Online is created by the Swedish company ELK Studios. The central motto of this emerging company is quality over quantity. ELK studios is not a significant player in the industry yet but aspire to go top. By not often but sporadically producing slot machines, the company can always guarantee the quality. This is definitely reflected at Wild Toro 2 Online. The online slot machine is of high quality and is reliable.

The pros and cons of Wild Toro 2 Slot

Wild Toro 2 is a unique slot machine. It has a lot of fun features but no free spin round. At the same time, the gaming experience is up and running while the RTP is somewhat on the low end. The maximum multiplier is also not very high, but the slot machine is incredibly well designed. Bonuslots has listed all the advantages and disadvantages for you.


  • A high-quality slot which is noticeable
  • Many fun features that improve the slot
  • You can buy a bonus


  • RTP below the industry average
  • No free spin round

What is there to win at Wild Toro 2 Online?

Of course, you play a slot machine to also pick up a fun pocket penny in addition to the fun playing experience. What about Wild Toro 2 Online? The return to the player of the online slot machine is 95%. This is below the industry average, making the slot machine a little less attractive than other slots. For example, Giant’s Fortune Megaways or Diamond Mine Megaways have a higher RTP.

You will win high prices during either the purchased bonus or the features of the matador and the toro or both combined. These move after each winning round until they drop off the playing field. You can win a maximum of 10,000 times your stake. Wild Toro 2 Online also has a medium variance: your results won’t fluctuate much. 

You bet with a fixed amount per spin which runs from 0.20 euro to 100 euro. You can win by obtaining three identical symbols starting from the left side. In total, there are 259 ways to win, but when one of the features increases the playing field, there are 502 ways to win. Note: you don’t always win, of course, so it is very important always to gamble safely and responsibly.

How Does Wild Toro 2 Online Bonus Work?

Wild Toro 2 Online does not have free spins, but it can buy a bonus. In total, there are five ways. The 100% win bonus guarantees that you will get a winning combination for 5 times your deposit. The sticky wild ensures that you receive a Matador for 25 times your deposit, with all wilds fixed during the respin. The bonus results in a Toro Goes Bezerk; you pay 100 times your deposit for this. The big bonus ensures that you receive 3 spins with at least 1 matador on each reel for 250 times your stake. The wilds remain here, and the extended roles also remain. Finally, you have the super bonus, and it is almost identical to the big bonus only with this the multiplier with the highest value is added to all gold matadors. Very fun and very pricey because you pay 500 times your bet for this. All fun and friendly.

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Wild Toro 2 Online Final Verdict

Bonuslots cannot help but determine that Wild Toro 2 Online is a slot machine with a high entertainment value. The only downside is the relatively low RTP; all aspects of the slot machine completely over class only this fact. However, the graphic details are incredibly beautiful, thematically it is a unique slot machine, and the features are great fun. You get wild when the toro ends up on your screen, and you feel like a true matador while playing the online slot machine. All in all, Bonuslots is convinced, and we think this slot machine is definitely a must.


FAQ Wild Toro 2

The central theme is bullfighting, which happens in many countries, including Spain.

Unfortunately, the RTP has a value of 95%, which is a less attractive aspect of the online slot machine.

No, unfortunately not. However, there are many options to buy certain bonuses, and there are also many fun features with the online slot machine.

There are 5 reels with 5 symbols. However, this can be extended due to certain features, which also increases the number of pay lines from 259 to 502.

The minimum bet is €0,20 and the maximum bet is €100.

Of course, you can play the online slot on your laptop, desktop, but when you’re on the go, the slot machine is also playable on your mobile phone.

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