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Zulu Gold

In Zulu Gold, you will go on an exotic adventure with Kane. This time, he is in Africa in the midst of the Zulu people. This virtually unique online video slot has almost an overload of fantastic bonus features. Are you curious which ones are and what is so special about this slot machine? You can read that in this review.

  • Lots of bonus features
  • An adventurous theme in a tropical setting
  • Multiple types of wilds
Maximum win:

win back up to 10,000 times your stake


the return to player percentage is 95%

High variance:

each spin can be different

Betting range:

you can get from €0.20 per round and up to a maximum of 100 bets

Release Date:



adventure, tropical

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Kane is the protagonist in this heroic and exotic online video slot and is looking for the Gold of the Zulu people. Everything that happens in this online video slot is also an adventure; the results and results are random. All you need is some luck. You win prizes when you have 3 or more matching symbols that fall in the rows from left to right. 

How does Zulu Gold work?

Zulu Gold has a relatively complex way of playing. Most online slots aim to get matching symbols one after the other on a (win) line or form clusters to take wins. It’s quite different with this online slot machine. You don’t have fixed paylines where the symbols should end here, but you don’t need to form clusters. You’re supposed to drop 3 to 6 matching symbols side by side on reels. They do not have to be in a row with each other, nor do they have to be adjacent to each other, as is the case with cluster formation.

Like many other slots, you have high and low paying symbols with this online slot. In addition, an overview shows how much each symbol pays out, with which numbers are in a combination.

This adventurous online slot has quite a high variance from what you’d expect in a tropical search for a hidden treasure. The higher the variance with an online video slot, the more the values differ from each other and the more this average will be. In short, a high variance means a lot of extremes in the game, the chance of big wins, but sometimes also losses. In addition, this slot machine’s RTP, also known as a profit payout rate, could be better. 95% is low compared to other games that sometimes go over 97%. At Zulu Gold, you can bet at least €0.20 per round and a maximum amount of €100, which is a reasonably wide betting range.

How reliable is Zulu Gold?

According to us, Zulu Gold is a game that Bonuslots can trust. ELK Studios is a good game developer who has already established itself well within the online gambling gaming industry. Like all competitors, they are also working hard on developing their portfolios.

Like all other online slot games, this online video slot uses a Random Number Generator (RNG). This generator creates randomness in the game, which means that everything that happens in the game randomly takes place and is therefore not preconceived. This tool is also used in table games and scratch cards.

What are the pros and cons of Zulu Gold?


  • If you want it, you can try Zulu Gold for free. This lets you see if this online slot machine is really for you.
  • The theme has been worked out very nicely.
  • The game can be played on multiple devices. In addition to the standard desktop, you can also play this slot on your mobile phone or random tablets. This doesn’t matter if you have an Android or Apple device.
  • Due to the high variance, Zulu Gold is an exciting game. Every spin can bring nice prizes with a bit of luck.
  • Zulu Gold is a game that is full of fun extra features. As a result, the game will not get bored as soon.


  • The game is pretty cluttered at first. Many things are happening so you might have no idea what is happening at first.
  • On average, the profit pay rate, also known as the RTP, is pretty low with this online slot game. As a result, the possible average chance of good profits is reasonably low

What are the chances of winning at Zulu Gold?

As you read earlier in this review, Zulu Gold’s Profit Benefit (RTP) rate is 95%. Unfortunately, this percentage is not super thundering compared to other online slots on offer. The win payout percentage is always indicated in a percentage and represents the average that can theoretically be recovered as a profit from an (online) gambling game. The higher the percentage is, the more attractive this game could be for a player.

In addition to the benefit percentage, you have to deal with a high variance. The variance, also known as volatility, is the spread of a set of values. Also known as the extent to which the values differ among themselves. The higher the variance is in an online slot game, the more the mutual values will vary, and the more it will be off the average. So at Zulu Gold, you have a chance of winning prizes that are high in value, but also a chance that you can lose a thing or two.

We at Bonuslots would like to advise all players of online video slots to take responsible gambling into account at all times. Have you become interested in playing online slots, or would you like to learn more about how this works? Read more on our blog page. On this informative page, you will find helpful tips about all kinds of games and regularly post updates. So keep an eye on this page to stay up to date!

How do the extra features work at Zulu Gold?

Zulu gold is an online slot with lots of extras, and we will explain them to you as clearly as possible here per feature.

We’ll start with the different types of wilds in this game. First of all, you have the regular Wild. This wild appears and will disappear again after it has formed a winning combination. In addition, there is the Charged Wild. This has several lives and will therefore contribute to multiple winning combinations. Lives don’t go upper spin, only if this Charged Wild is part of combinations that go for the winnings. Last, you have the Running Wild, also known as Wild Walker. This wild moves across the playing field and leaves a trail of wild symbols. In addition, these Wild Walkers will remain on the playing field, even if there are Avalanches.

Now we will immediately continue with The Avalanches. With this feature, all symbols will include all symbols in a winning combination to make room for the remaining symbols. These will fall into the blanks. A row will also be added. These Avalanches will continue as long as new winning combinations appear. The field will be at max 8 rows long, so there will be a whopping 262,144 ways to win.

The low, middle, and high-paying symbols, just like the wilds, exist in 4 different formats. You have the standard 1×1, the Super 2, the Mega 3×3, and the Epic 4×4. The larger sizes all have the value of the number of tiles they cover, so the Super is 4 times the symbol’s value, the Mega 9 times the value of the symbol, and the Epic, thus a thick value of 16 times the value of the symbol. If a box is empty under one of these large symbols, it will be filled with the same normal symbol as the big one. They will beat everything out of the way when big symbols fall, except similar-sized symbols, wilds, or bonus symbols.

You also have the Zulu Stack with this online slot machine. This is a stack of 2 to 4 identical payout symbols that can fall at any time. In addition, this Stack has the possibility that an extra row of symbols will be added to the playing field.

As with many other online slots, Zulu Gold has scattered symbols. When you land 3 or more of these scatters on the field, the Multiplier Free Drops are triggered that can be retriggered. If you’ve landed 3 scatters, you get 10 Free Drops, you’ll have 4 scatters, you get 15, 20 Free Drops for 5 scatters, and 6 scatters give you 25 of these free drops you can win multipliers when you drop 3 or more of these tiles. The safety level feature is also included in Zulu Gold. After a payout in Free Drops, the security level rises by +1 to a maximum of 8 rows high. Free Drops always reach this highest level.

The last feature is the X-citer selection of options, of which there are 5:

  • 5X the bet will earn you 1 spin to win anything
  • 25X the bet is for 3 drops with Zulu Stacks
  • 100X the bet ensures a guaranteed bonus entry
  • 250X the bet will earn you 3 drops with Wild Walkers with every drop.
  • 500X the bet gives you sticky multipliers and therefore don’t disappear from the playing field as quickly.

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Are you curious about Zulu Gold?

Zulu Gold is a fun online slot with lots of features. This game is suitable for the more experienced players because it is not the standard video slot that everyone knows. If you’re looking for a different kind of online video slot or other slot games, look at our other online casino games here.

FAQ Zulu Gold

Zulu Gold’s profit benefit (RTP) rate is 95%.

Zulu gold has a reasonably wide betting range. You can bet per round from €0.20 and up to a maximum of €100.

Zulu Gold does not have a fixed playing field, as it grows throughout the game, so the number of different ways to win also varies. The highest possible number of different ways to win is 262,144.

At Zulu Gold, it is possible to win back up to 10,000 times your stake. Of course, this is unique, so don’t assume this happens every time.

Zulu Gold has as a theme, adventure and tropical. A nice theme for the passionate explorers.

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