Online gambling is something a huge amount of the world popularity does. Sometimes legal, sometimes illegal. That depends on many factors, for example the country or state you live in or your age. But it is not just in the hands of the players, also the casino’s play a big part in playing legally or not legally. The gaming sector is known for being able to push the limits a bit to recruit as many players as possible. but when is this unreliable and when can you play with peace of mind? In this blog we give you some examples and tips that you can apply when viewing an online casino to check if they are reliable or not. This can come in handy if you’re not quite familiar with it yet. This way you can play your favorite games with peace of mind. Read a long with us!

Reliable Online Casino options:

Complaints procedure

Every self-conscious company is open to complaints, so they can keep improving their self. If a company is not open to criticism or complaints it could mean that they are withholding something, you never know. A complaints procedure often works as follows: you fill in a contact form where you enter some personal data and your complaint immediately. Often companies will email you back or even contact you by phone within a few working days. This way you can talk to each other about your complaint, whether the company admits it or not. ­­

License of a Gaming Authority

The easiest indicator to see if an online casino is reliable is to see if it is. Many countries work with some sort of gaming authority that licenses casinos when they comply with the laws of the country in question. It’s a government regulator that keeps an eye on everything related to games of chance. In this way they want to protect consumers and try to prevent addiction for example. They also tackle illegal and criminal providers of games of chance.

Before you get a permit as a legal online casino, there is a very long and extensive process. In addition, there are numerous requirements that an online casino must meet, here are a few of those overarching requirements as an example:

  • Payment transactions;
  • Advertisement;
  • Addiction prevention;
  • Internal supervision.

Not all requirements are the same along the world, these are just some examples of what a requirement could be. An online gambling provider is completely checked from left to right, from top to bottom. Not only the online casino itself, but also the people behind the website who manage the company behind the online casino. The authorities leave no corner unturned. Just to be sure, always check twice to see if the casino is actually legit.

Addiction Prevention

One of the pillars of the worldwide gaming authorities is combating gambling addiction. You can imagine that it is therefore a bit crazy if an online casino has not included any form of addiction prevention. Then you may wonder how reliable an online casino is, and what kind of heart it has for its players if it has not included anything in terms of addiction prevention.

You can often find this in the footer of an online casino, under a heading like ”gambling can be addictive” ‘’18+” or a variation on this.

On these separate web pages, tips are given to combat and prevent gambling addiction. Several links are also mentioned to institutes that can help with addiction.

Furthermore, such a page often provides tips for the prevention of addiction. For example, they give tips about a time limit, deposit limit and self-reflection. A time limit is also requested by default at online casinos when registering, so that you cannot play endlessly and help yourself into the addiction faster. There are also deposit limits, which you also set yourself during your registration. The responsible gaming pages provide tips for this, for example to adjust your budget to your experience or to adjust your budget to what you really have left at the end of the month. So that you do not gamble with money that you need for your fixed costs or unforeseen costs. If you do this, you will get yourself into a lot of trouble financially!

Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions, they are also known as “the small letters”. This contains all the standard rules that a company applies. It also contains rights and obligations for both consumers and companies that arise when you do business with each other. A company is not everywhere in the world legally obliged to have general terms and conditions, but it does say something about them as a company. When general terms and conditions are present, it still says that a company wants to have its affairs in order, in black and white, so there are no surprises. Just like you as a player don’t want to be faced with surprises!

Like a privacy statement and addiction prevention documents, you can often find terms and conditions in the footer of a web page. Over the years, this too has become increasingly accessible to people without a legal background. The general terms and conditions contain provisions about, for example, rules regarding creating an account, terminating it, payments, costs, complaint procedures, liability, etc.

You can imagine that including general terms and conditions generates the same trust as when a privacy statement is included within a company.

Too good to be true?

Finally, these are examples of concrete files and texts. But feeling also plays a part, if something seems too good to be true, it often is. Or if something just doesn’t feel right, just go to a site that you are sure is licensed and well organized. For example, do you see a lot of spelling mistakes or does the website look really crazy, why take the risk? You will be more grateful to yourself at the end of the day if you have safely gambled your money than if you have wagered your money and you don’t know if this was done fairly. Gambling is one of the most fun and exciting things to do, but there can of course also be a downside (if you don’t pay attention). So, stay true to yourself and take our tips along the way with you.