Times your stake: maximum win

Giant’s Fortune Megaways

Giant’s Fortune Megaways online is a slot where you have to look for different combinations in a fairytale atmosphere. The castles in the background provide an atmosphere that makes you want to play actively. The minimum game bet starts at 0.20, but the payouts can be substantial due to a maximum multiplier of 18272. The maximum bet is 40 euro. The free spins and the egg-collecting bonus games can also be quite lucrative, in addition to the bonuses having a lot of fun to play. With an RTP of 96%, you’re not wrong with this slot! A 100% RTP would, of course, be ideal. Are you curious how you can increase your chances by beating the casino?

  • Multiple Bonus Games
  • Idyllic Theme
  • Double wagering is maxed winning
Range of RTP

from 92 to 96%

Authentic atmosphere

The medieval vibe is attractive

Double Bet Mode

With benefits included in the return

Two bonus games

With maximum payouts

Reliable game designer

A well-known player within the slots

Bizarre maximum profit


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Giant’s Fortune Megaways Online: A Search for Online Gold!

Stakelogic is the creator of the game Giant’s Fortune Megaways. The company is known for delivering ultimate gaming experiences, which is reflected in a fun way with this slot. This slot provides authentic castles, treasures, and a waterfall. The catchy and dramatic background song fully contemplates the medieval vibe. Jack and the Beanstalk are not entirely inaccessible to the effect of this slot. An extra egg bonus game has been added to it. Your goal within this slot is to get the gold together with the giant. Who doesn’t want this? Bonuslots has put several things in a row so that you can determine for yourself to what extent you like this game. We can at least say that this game has surprised us positively!

How Does Playing Giant’s Fortune Megaways Work?

Giant’s Fortune Megaways takes place within the classical Middle Ages. Just like in Sjaak in the beanstalk, you have to defeat the giant to get your hands on eggs. Six dynamic roles should earn you your profit. You can already win your winnings by dropping at least three identical symbols side by side. After that, the winning symbols will disappear, after which there will be new symbols in the blanks- which have to earn even more wins.

The minimum bet is 0.20 euro and runs up to 40 euros. Do you want a game that you can put less into? For example, go to Legacy of Dead Online. A nice feature of this game, and Stakelogic in general, is that you can double your bet against attractive benefits: the so-called super stake. With an RTP of 92 to 96%, you’re around the industry average with Giant’s Fortune Megaways. However, the producer himself states that it is a volatile game, so don’t be misled by too much or too little profit! Moreover, gamble safely and don’t let the game lead you.

Characters of Giant’s Fortune Megaways

When we take a closer look at the symbols of Giant’s Gold Megaways, we see a fairly standard format within the Megaways games. The 9, 10, J, Q, K, and ace are the underclass of payments. But remember that many underclass payments can result in a high final cash balance. In addition, there is a wild symbol that stays when it cannot be used, so cash as much as you can!

We see the gold bags, gold cups, and treasure chests when it’s really cashing. These acceptable symbols deliver payouts of x2, x2, and x7.5, respectively. Like its stature, the giant is the most weighty within the paytable, with a maximum multiplier of 25 times your stake.

Of course, the best place is behind your screen with the euphoric symbols of the free spins and the golden eggs. The fun feeling these symbols bring translates into fat multipliers with a maximum of 18272. Playing Giant’s Fortune Megaways brings significantly more fun when these pearly symbols emerge!

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What is the reliability for Giant’s Fortune Megaways?

Stakelogic is a striking player within the slots world. The company always provides games that deliver an ultimate playing experience while at the same time keeping reliability at the top of its importance. The company has an incredible amount of knowledge about the market and its customers, which is often expressed in an optimized game. For example, Giant’s Gold Megaways is a decent game where the player can identify with the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. At the same time, this is combined with a reliable playing environment, so we can assure you that this game will bring a decent experience!

The pros and cons of Giant’s Fortune Megaways

If you play the Giant’s Gold Megaways game, you will plunge yourself into a fairytale world where you can grab prizes with rousing bonus games. You will undoubtedly experience that the gameplay is easy, and there are great prizes to be achieved.


  • Option to double, which brings multiple benefits High
  • payouts
  • Easy gameplay
  • Exciting
  • bonus game
  • Quiet layout


  • Not a whole new concept
  • It would be too high volatility

How big are the chances of winning at Giant’s Fortune Megaways?

The Return To Player of this game is 96%, in line with the market average. According to the creators, the game is quite volatile: the payouts fluctuate. With huge symbols, you will also be able to win huge prizes. With a whopping 25x your stake, you can count yourself rich. If you want to swim in a warehouse with money like Dagobert Duck, you have to activate one of the two bonus games. Here you will see your bet multiplying up to 10000 times: what a nice feeling that must be. You have to be a little lucky to come to this type of multipliers, but the feeling that this brings will be unlikely to be tasty!

How does Giant’s Fortune Megaways bonus game work?

The bonus game is triggered if you have four free spins symbols. The great thing about the Super Stake is that you can activate this bonus game with three free spins symbols. If you’re lucky, you’ll get 12 free spins with attractive winnings associated with. It starts at a multiplier of x1, and 1 will be added incrementally with each win response that is caused—an attention-grabbing bonus game.

The real magic while playing Giant’s Fortune Megaways starts with the eggs bonus game. As with the free spins, you need 3 or 4 landed symbols to trigger them. You get a multiplier value and three extra spins when it is activated. The bonus symbols can be transformed into three features. The bet multiplier adds any value to the symbol. The viper adds its own multiplier to all symbols. And if you’re lucky, the lucrative collector will add all the multipliers to his total. So it is a bonus system where you will be chained to your screen with clammy hands!

End of review of Giant’s Fortune Megaways

The moment you’ve undoubtedly been waiting for after reading this article: “What do we recommend from Bonuslots.” When playing Giant’s Fortune Megaways, you will be in an idyllic world, which can also give you a lot of money in addition to the pleasant atmosphere. The fairytale gaming environment results in a romantic delusion, where you can make significant amounts of cash dreaming away from giants and castles. With the eggs bonus game, you don’t have to pick eggs for your money: this thundering game mode will provide you with bizarre payouts in addition to a good amount of excitement. All in all, this game delivers a pretty enjoyable playing experience that we recommend!

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FAQ Giant’s Fortune Megaways

Yes, for sure! These can be obtained when you have three or four identical symbols.

This varies per site. The RTP’s range ranges from 92% to 96%

The maximum payout is a multiplication of 18272, resulting in a maximum win of 365441!


Sure! If you have little experience with online slots, Giant’s Gold Megaway is an easy slot to play and gain experience within the slot world.


There are 2 to 7 rows and 6 reels.

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